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Britney Spears Isn’t Allowed Within 50 Feet of Alcohol. Or Pretty Girls.

photo of britney spears drunk pictures
From the Daily Mail via Us Magazine:

The Hold It Against Me hitmaker’s team have banned alcohol from backstage, and have made sure she will not be sent any as a gift.

According to, Britney’s representatives said in a note: “Very important. We require you to empty minibars of all alcohol. “And no gifts of wine or any other alcoholic beverages, please.”

Drink is not the only thing the 30-year-old is believed to have banned from the show – pretty women are also not allowed backstage.

A source said recently: “Britney has stipulated that none of the backstage staff working with her are too pretty or stylish.”

So. What, is Britney a raging alcoholic-in-recovery who also has a nasty set of self-esteem issues? Because running from your problems never really solves them, unless you’re running from booze. And then I guess that’d work out OK, but pretty girls? Come on. There’s going to be pretty girls all up in Britney’s face for the rest of her days on this earth, right? I know girlfriend’s got her problems and stuff, but there’s got to be a line drawn somewhere between rehabilitation and crisis management, and coddling and encouraging silly behavior.

Also, can we take a look at some photos that might give us some kind of clue as to why Britney (heavy medications aside) shouldn’t be drinking, ever? We probably should. Just so we remember, if we ever happen to run into Britney in a corner bar or somewhere, do not buy this lady a drink.

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