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Amanda Bynes Is Addicted to Terrorizing The Streets

A photo of Amanda Bynes

That’s got to be it, right? She’s just addicted to driving around and hitting people with her car. She’s not into meth (probably) or coke (maybe), no, her drug of choice is the powerful hit-and-run. That’s why she’s gotten into so many accidents this summer, and that’s why she had her license suspended. And that’s why she’s still driving around even though she had her license suspended.

From TMZ:

Amanda Bynes was pulled over in L.A. last night after her driver’s license was suspended — but somehow, she didn’t end up in jail.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Bynes was pulled over for driving without her headlights on. We’re told she was given a verbal warning and sent on her way.

It’s unclear if officers ran the actress’ license — because if they did, they might have noticed it was reportedly SUSPENDED last week after the actress was slapped with two misdemeanor hit-and-run charges.  She also refused to take a breathalyzer after being busted for DUI, and that triggers an automatic 1-year license suspension.

It’s unclear if the license has since been reinstated — but with such a short time frame, it’s VERY unlikely.

Calls to Bynes’ camp were not returned.

What I don’t understand is how Amanda keeps getting away with all of this. And why she keeps insisting on doing something that she’s obviously so, so bad at. And when she finds the time to be this much of a f-ck-up. And where she learned to drive in the first place. Oh, and how the public has waited this long to demand a street race between Amanda and Lindsay Lohan. The world needs answers!