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Katy Perry and John Mayer are Visiting Strip Clubs Together Now

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From People:

The on-again off-again couple were spotted in Sin City early Sunday morning. With a group of friends, the duo spent their night out at Spearmint Rhino … a strip club!

“They were together in a group,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE. “As for whether they got dances, they were in a strip club … you do the math.”

The group had so much fun, they stayed until 5 a.m.

Yes, because the only thing creepier than the idea of Katy Perry at a strip club, mauling all of the seedy strippers, is the idea of John Mayer at a strip club, mauling all of the seedy strippers. Together.

In what can only be best described as Katy’s last-ditch effort to resuscitate a weird relationship that’s better off non-existent, the “couple” visited a strip club in Las Vegas, as you read above. The two were said to have a big blowout before the MTV VMAs, and have only gotten back together over their mutual love of boobs. From Zee News:

Singer Katy Perry and partner singer John Mayer reportedly had a huge fight before appearing for the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony.

The couple was seen in a glum mood at the award night Sep 6.

“John and Katy had been to dinner at Italian restaurant Madeo before going to the party and something had clearly gone on,” quoted a source as saying.

“When they turned up to the Esquire event, Katy was walking well in front of John and it was clear they had just had a fight,” the source added.

They could not shift their bad mood to a happy one.

“Inside, their tempers were both boiling and they eventually disappeared to have it out in a private room away from other partygoers,” the source said.

And what, oh what, did they do in that private room, dare I ask? Did it have anything to do with strippers? Because I definitely think it probably had a lot to do with strippers. Gross.

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  • Now, now — my best friend worked at a Spearmint Rhino in London and if there is something customers aren’t allowed to do if they want to keep their physical integrity is touching the strippers. I find John Mayer a lot more gross than a girl who likes to dance and is lucky enough to make a living out of it. I just don’t see anything wrong with it! I just wonder though, do you think Perry wanted to be there or she’s the typical “I want to be super cool” girlfriend but just sits there shooting deathly looks at strippers?

    • I could imagine Katy Perry being like her BFF, Rihanna, and paying for private lap dance after private lap dance, “getting off” on the strippers rubbing their tits in her face because she “knows” that John Mayer thinks it’s hot. I don’t necessarily think there’s anything wrong with strippers and strip clubs, but the idea of a greasy John Mayer at a strip club seriously makes me revisit my lunch. Ugh.

  • I used to work at the Rhino and she’s been going in there for at least the last 4 years. I can’t say she’s a regular or anything but I do know she used to go in with a gay entourage of guys. So….as annoying as they both are she’s not doing it to please him.

  • I used to work the glory hole at Rhino and Katy Perry was the bleach mop girl. Now, that’s intradasting.