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Quotables: Rachel Weisz Lived in Sin, Y’All

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“A marriage certificate does not transform a life, I did not live in sin before and I did not put in the kitchen since (laughs). But I love being married, marriage means a lot to me and I am very happy.”

Rachel Weisz, during a recent interview with L’Officiel.

So, I get it. Some people are all funny about that whole “living in sin,” or, if you don’t know what that means, “living with a love partner before marriage.” But Rachel? Come on. It’s nice if you have those religious-based sentiments (because sin, by nature, is a religious-affiliated thing), but let’s not pretend, here. Rachel posed nude in the past, and allegedly hooked up with her current husband, Daniel Craig, before she even split up her ex-boyfriend/fiance, Darren Aronofsky, with whom she has a son. Isn’t flaunting your body for money and violating the sanctity of monogamy one of those sin things, too? Or do I just not know enough about this kind of stuff to really make this kind of call?

Heavy, heavy things, guys.

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  • Religious-based sentiments ? Did the writer of this article even read what Rachel Said? Was in it well establish that Weisz and Darren Aronofsky broke up way before she started dating Daniel Craig?

    Maybe the writer should what the hell she is talking about before she plays holier than tho and make a complete fool out of herself.

  • I think you are entirely missing the point of what Weisz is saying. This exerpt reads as though she is laughing off the notion that love and marriage are necessarily related. She’s probably had input from the outside (the public, in her case) on her lifestyle. “Living in sin” is likely someone’s else’s interpretation of her actions, not her own.

    My take is that she’s saying she does not feel she needs to be married, but is because she loves it.

  • Maybe she just used the antiquated phrase “living in sin” as an off-the-cuff-response. In any case, I love that damn dress!

  • She is laughing that notion off, it is not one she ascribes to. She is mocking the idea of her “living in sin” because she was with daniel craig before she was married and then after she gets married she is suddenly a changed and virtuous woman, she thinks it is silly. You frequently misinterpret quotes. I really suggest you take a little time and read things more thoroughly before posting something bitchy about it, because it makes you look stupid.

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