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6Lindsay Lohan Discusses Economics with Obama

A photo of Lindsay Lohan's Twitter

Oh my god, you didn’t think I was serious, did you? I mean, Lindsay did technically discuss economics with President Obama, but it wasn’t like she flew down to the convention and had lunch with him or anything. No, Lindsay’s influence exists only on Twitter, and then only on Twitter in tweets that she deletes soon after posting without (obviously) ever getting a response.

But either way, I think this is just great. I laughed so, so hard, and after I saw this screencap I went to read all of Lindsay’s latest tweets and I laughed even more. Sarah showed you guys that beautiful tweet about Tom Cruise just yesterday, but you know Lindsay. She just doesn’t stop. Ever.

Here are a few of her most recent thoughts, mostly about the VMAs and charity work:

I am so glad that @chrisbrown won at the VMAS

What do all of my followers thing of Taylor Swift? Just curious…

i love all of you…#mylittlestars “a night without freckles is like a night without stars**”

i’m going to turn this off.. but i want to announce that 4 people PER MONTH i will FOLLOW&DM for a specific amount of time. Just an FYI. IF WE CAN… We can use these DM’s & Following of others with a specific CHARITY to help others in INDIA/LOUISIANA/UGANDA and so many others

i will choose your by your HONESTY and situations

So, to recap, Lindsay still has a thing for Chris Brown, she “things” serious thoughts about Taylor Swift, something hilarious about freckles, and she has some idea about following people on Twitter to raise money for some charity in India or Louisiana or wherever. Oh, and she also tweeted this picture with the caption “me watching the VMAs”:

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Never change, Lindsay. Unless you decide to go to rehab, that would be fine.

September 7, 2012 at 2:30 pm by Emily
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6 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Discusses Economics with Obama”

  1. Webster says:

    She is the biggest narcissistic moron, “my little stars”?, who is she trying to be now, Lady Butter face? Pay your back taxes and then bother the President about your problem and how about paying us people in California all money we paid out in taxes for the court costs you piled up with all your shenanigans, you flake.

  2. pufinstuf says:

    Does she really think the IRS decides people’s taxes by doing things like reading “Forbes”? Where does she think those icky tax forms her accountant mails off each year go?

  3. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    i wanna sock her in the bloated face SO fuckin’ hard.

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