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Kim And Kanye Are Probably Getting Their Own Show, Kris Jenner Wants to Direct

A photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

From Hollywood Life:

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner are at war over Kim and Kanye West’s upcoming reality show. Kim wants the show to focus on her relationship with Kanye and their adventures in the fashion and music world. But Kris is demanding that she have complete creative control over the show, and wants it to be full of drama and chaos to pull in top ratings!

A friend of the Kardashian family tells EXCLUSIVELY, “It’s not pretty! Kim is sick and tired of Kris trying to control every aspect of her new reality show with Kanye. They don’t share the same vision at all. Kim wants it be cute and sweet and Kris wants drama, drama, drama!”

How does Kanye feel about the drama? He wants to keep both ladies happy!

“Kanye is keeping his mouth shut about the reality show. Of course, his number one priority is making Kim happy, but he doesn’t want to get on Kris’ bad side. He has agreed to go ahead with the show, but refuses to get in the middle of Kim and her mother,” the friend said.

Kim and Kris are planning on buying a pricey flat in London, where they hope to film part of their reality show. Kim wants to tape episodes of the November launch of the Kardashian Kollection line in London.

The insider says, “Kris is convinced that the show will only do well if there is drama, so she wants Kim and Kanye to pretend like they are fighting over which flat to purchase in London. Kim thinks this is completely ridiculous and is not willing to put on an act for ratings. Until Kim and Kris can see eye to eye, nothing is going to happen unless they can somehow meet in the middle.”

Please keep in mind that, sadly, The Kimye Show is just a rumor at this point in time. You know it’s going to happen though, right? I hope you’ve already accepted that, because it doesn’t matter if it’s full of Kris Jenner‘s made up drama or full of Kim and Kanye‘s perfect love, it’s going to be a Very Big Deal. So just brace yourselves for that.

But you know, even though I understand that this show’s definitely going to happen, I still think it’s a little weird. It raises a few questions, doesn’t it? See, Kris Humphries married Kim, and they never got their own show. He was on Kourtney and Kim Take New York, but there was no spin-off. And yet there are already plans to create a show about Kim and Kanye, the couple who’s been dating for a few months? Is it just me, or did all those marriage rumors just get a little more realistic?

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  • Ha ha.. they are so bungling, vapid-clueless on why their pretentious-arrogant dishonest life.. lived in vain ..could be of any minute passing interest to other human .. I am glad I am never you.. comes to mind.

  • Can’t see where it makes too much difference on who controls this soulless woman, Kris or Kanye must be sticking their hand in the hole in her back to move her lips when she speaks in her Minnie Mouse voice.

  • You just know he’s fucking her so damn HARD in that smooth sweet ass of hers….shoving that big black bad-boy cock deep in her tight pink butthole….every damn day. Mmmmm…paradise.

  • Let me know how Kim Kardashian parlays this into a “political win for herself in about ten years in local politics”. Because she represents her Armenian heritage so well, you know, or was that African-Armenian heritage?

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