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Love It or Leave It: Lady Gaga’s Drunk and Still Brunette

photo of lady gaga pictures drunk turban photo
It’s really no wonder that Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan have become such good friends as of late, because Lady Gaga’s not been doing a whole lot other than getting drunk (oh, and dyeing her hair; that, too). That picture up there? Well, it’s got kind of a fun little story attached to it.

So, one night (last night, actually) Lady Gaga decided that she wanted to go back to her hotel all by her lonesome after partying, and when she attempted to access the hotel’s back door, no one answered. So people at the scene claim that Gaga’s doing this whole banging on the door thing, waiting to be let in, but no one’s opening it. Which, if she weren’t drunk, would probably have been pretty uncomfortable and embarrassing, because come on. To have to enter the front of the hotel like a regular commoner? The outrage.

After banging for another few minutes, and waiting a few more (oh, and yelling, “Let me in!”), management finally opened up the back door for girlfriend, but not before photographers were able to catch her making these classic faces:

And honestly. I’ve seen those faces on Lindsay Lohan only a million times already.

Careful, girlfriend. You lay down with dogs, you get hooked on meth and no one wants to touch your career then.

Gaga’s drunkface—love it or leave it?

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