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Demi Moore’s Going to Write an Ashton Kutcher Tell-All and I Will Probably Buy It

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So, Demi Moore might be writing a book, have you heard?

From Books & Review:

[Demi] has reportedly reached a deal worth $2 million with publisher HarperCollins to write a book. The book will be edited by Jennifer Barth, and backstopped by publisher Jonathan Burnham. According to sources they are still negotiating a delivery date and making a deal with a co-writer.

And what will the book be about? Come on. What else would it be about? Demi Moore, though she’s definitely more of a sympathetic soul these days than really anything else, used to be a bombshell in her day. She was an original member of the Brat Pack, and headlined a lot of really, really great movies that I love to this day. I mean, have you guys ever seen One Crazy Summer with Demi and John Cusack? Because it’s completely one of my most favorite movies of all time. Sources are saying that the book, however, will not only talk about Ashton and her six-year marriage to him, but will also cover what it was like to be in the legendary “Brat Pack”:

… Some say that it is not a trip down memory lane for the actress who got her start as a member of the Brat Pack. According some unnamed sources she met with publishers to personally pitch the book, which isn’t a memoir, but rather a specific story about her complex relationship with her mother, and how it impacted her life and career.

Another source told The Daily Star that Moore, left depressed and angry after Kutcher cheated on her, she decided to reap her revenge on him by signing a book contract. An insider claims, “We already had a great book outline from her in which she said she would write about overcoming her alcohol and cocaine addictions. Now she’s going to blow the lid on her six-year marriage to Ashton, so what would have been a best-selling book is going to become a blockbuster!”

But of course, now that Demi’s finally got something that she can get behind and be excited about and probably receive some decent press for (and, naturally, a chance to tell her side of things, which almost always works out in the way of good publicity), her nay-saying daughters are on the offense, wishing that their mom would drop the idea of a book and leave well enough alone:

“Demi’s daughters hate the idea – they don’t want their lives laid bare to whole world,” said a source close the family.

And of course they do. They’re nothing but self-centered little witches who think they’re better than everyone else because they’re the offspring of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. The thing is, it’s pretty sad because they aren’t anyone of importance even though they are the offspring of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.

All I know is that I’m a hundred percent behind Demi and this book. I think it’ll give her a chance to unload and allow people the perspective that they’ve been denied for so long, and hell. It’ll be pretty interesting, to boot.

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  • I totally agree! At every corner her daughters have practically betrayed Demi, they seem so unsupportive and unwilling to help their mother through this time in her life! Why take sides with a man that cheated on your mother and broke up, what they probably thought was, a happy home?

    Demi shouldn’t have to feel like defending herself to the public and reviving her image from this broken down, meek, dependent and alcoholic individual will end her relationship with her family, she needs their support now more than ever. SMH…

  • Whatever her relationship issues are, Demi would do well to simply embrace her age. She’s not a “hot starlet” anymore. She actually is a talented actor and could have a wonderful career without having to prove herself as a sex symbol. These female (and male) actors who get caught up in the Hollywood hype of eternal youthfulness are kind of doomed to keep repeating the stereotypical relationship and career fiascos. But, that is why we all tune into sites like this…to remind us that the fame + money doesn’t equal happiness.

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