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Lindsay Lohan Is Officially A Suspect in The Jewelry Theft, Also Broke Another Law

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Well, you know what they say. Haters gonna hate. Players gonna play. Flop Lip gonna flop. Sunrise, sunset. Just another day in the life.

What I’m saying is that Lindsay Lohan cannot stop breaking laws, and, as such, she cannot stop being named a suspect for breaking those laws. And that’s exactly what’s happening now.

Let’s catch up real quick, all right? We all know that Lindsay stole a bunch of jewelry at a house party last week. Allegedly. Police asked her some routine questions, and when she found out she wasn’t a suspect, she went directly to New York, you know, just ’cause. But now it turns out that Lindsay is a suspect. It’s official and everything. Police called Lindsay’s poor lawyer to set up an interview, but get this: her lawyer said no. She told investigators that she wouldn’t cooperate. What is that even about?

Another strange thing is that the guy that owns the house where Lindsay was partying and who also owns all the jewelry that Lindsay stole? He was just like “oh, nevermind, guys, I totally spaced, nothing’s missing, let’s forget everything.” Yeah, he’s actually saying that nothing was ever missing. The investigation is still going forward though, because apparently other people saw Lindsay stealing stuff, and that’s still not allowed, I guess.

ANOTHER thing is that a whole different police department wants to question Lindsay about something else. Remember that shady car accident in June when Lindsay ran her car into a big rig? And then she said that she wasn’t even driving, her assistant (who, by the way, is also wanted for questioning about the jewelry theft) was? We all called bullshit immediately, but it looks like cops are just now catching on, and they want to confront Lindsay about lying to them. Which is a crime.

And here’s the part where I remind you that Lindsay is still on probation and she could get into serious trouble if anything comes out of these cases. Blah blah jail time, blah blah court, blah blah bitch never learns and never will because no one will ever hold her accountable for her actions.

What a way to start the morning.

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