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Love It or Leave It: Elisabeth Moss Pulls a Miley

photo of elisabeth moss mad men short blonde hair new do pictures
I know some people don’t think much of Elisabeth Moss in the way of looks, but I’ve always thought she was really, really pretty, albeit in an unconventional kind of way. And now? With the new Miley-hair? I think she looks even more interesting. I don’t particularly like the cut or the color near the ends of her hair as opposed to the pretty, baby bunny blonde she’s got going on up closer to her roots, but the new style definitely makes her face pop more. This is what Elisabeth looked like pre-new hair:

photo of elisabeth moss brown hair pictures boobs hot pic
I guess what I’m saying to Elisabeth is this: part it a different way, throw a fun color in the bottom two inches or so, and change up your makeup a little bit—the makeup’s totally got to change when you go this drastic—and you’ll seriously rock the hell out of this look. And if you don’t? Well, I think you’re just as beautiful as ever anyway.

What do you guys think—Elisabeth’s hair: love it or leave it?


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