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Here’s Some New Stills from Breaking Dawn Part 2!

photo of breaking dawn pictures photos stills
Does anyone really care about these stupid stills? I mean, come on. There’s much bigger things going on here, what with Kristen Stewart‘s love (and vagina) being led astray by a manipulative director who only has one thing on his mind—vampire sex.

The new photos are released today, and depict the vampires and their friends in an array of vampire-themed settings. Because go figure. Breaking Dawn. It’s about vampires.

Also, who’s the heavy girl (see gallery photos)? Don’t get me wrong, she’s absolutely beautiful—but correct me if I’m wrong; this is the first heavyset vampire girl we’ve seen in the entire franchise history. Is she the only heavyset female vampire in existence? Do the other vampires generally frown upon that kind of thing? Is that why we’re only now seeing a heavier character on the scene?

Good Lord. The world we live in … I just don’t know sometimes.

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      • LOL you had me for a second.

        I squinted at the first picture trying to figure out which one was “overweight”. Then I looked at the second picture.

        “She’s not very overweight”, I thought.

        Then I looked at the third.

        “That’s Meyer.”

        Then I read the first comment and laughed.

        They usually don’t have overweight vampires (with the exception of Meat Loaf (yes, I watched Bloodrayne and no, my mind has not healed from that trauma) or the big one in Blade (I forget its name)) because they’re supposed to be sharp, feral, and beautiful. We do not equate overweight with beautiful currently, so, no fat vampires.

      • Watching Bloodrayne. Yes, yes that was very dumb. :/p

        My mind has never been the same.

        I have seen Michelle Rodriquez with an “English” accent. *shudder* Imagine how bad that is, then double it.

        I’ve seen dead drunk Michael Madsen doing his very best pre-Kristen Stuart not-giving-a-fuck and acing it.

        We now know that there ARE WORSE actresses than Jessica Biel, January Jones, and Leelee Sobieski. One of those would be Kristanna Loken. She’s even worse than Tara Reid in Alone in the Dark. That’s saying a LOT!

        Not knowing a full-length shot of Meyer? Not so much.

      • Worse than Tara Reid in Alone in the Dark? That’s impossible. Her role in that movie was so freakin’ hilarious – she was trying to play smart, and for someone with no more than two brain cells, it was definitely too demanding.

  • You would think she could have used some of her squillions of dollars on some more flattering jeans.