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Quotables: Gwen Stefani Does It All for Her Man

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“I like to make my husband [Gavin Rossdale] like me more, and he likes it when I’m wearing makeup. … I already put my makeup on twice today: I put it on to take my kid to school, and then I went home, washed my face, and put it on again to have lunch with you.”

This would be Gwen Stefani, talking to interviewers in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar. And before this gets turned into what some perceive to be a man-hating, nazi-bitch rant, let me apply this disclaimer: this is not a man-hating, nazi-bitch rant, OK? It’s just not. Proceeding.

While I can appreciate Gwen Stefani‘s dedication to keeping the home fires lit via her personal, public, and professional appearance, I, personally, would not be giving a second thought to whether or not my husband “likes” me a certain way. I am who I am, and if I’m not appreciated for who I am (just the way I am), then the only thing that I can say is “F-ck you.” I do not care what you think of me, and I’m not going to go out of my way to make myself more appealing to you if you don’t think I’m appealing as I am. It’s like, if you wanna be my lover, you’ve got to get with every single one of my many imperfections all at once.

And in defense of the lovely Gwen, she’s more than welcome to do as she chooses, of course, and to do so without judgement. If making her man happy through frivolous means makes her happy and secure, then that’s fine. I’m in no place to judge her for what she does in her marriage, because if it works, and she’s OK with it, and it makes her totally happy, then so be it. That’s super. But there’s this part of me, this unquenchable, bitchy part of me, that wants to punch Gavin Rossdale in his stupid original-emo face for preferring his wife of so many years any one particular way or another. Because please. Please.

Maybe I’m ragging, and maybe it’s because I totally have PMS this week and have already eaten a half-bag of Ghirardelli Intense Dark chocolate (72%, of course), but guys. It is what it is.


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  • My husband likes me in a little makeup. I like him shaved. It’s sort of the same thing. He also likes me without makeup, of course, and I like a bit of stubble.

  • I get where the outrage is coming from, but: “I like to make my husband [Gavin Rossdale] like me more, and he likes it when I’m wearing makeup.” is not “my husband prefers my face with make up over a more natural look”.

    I’d dump any guy who urges me to wear make up or gets all Kanye on me right away. However, I don’t think that’s what she’s saying at all, she’s talking about herself and how she really really really likes make up, and she’s always had a pretty dramatic look, so I don’t think it has anything to do with her husband.

  • Oh, I’m sure Gavin doesn’t really give a sh*t when all is said and done. He’s probably like most guys (including mine)…if I like wearing make-up, he likes it. When I don’t like wearing make-up, he doesn’t like make-up either. Of course, we’ve been “going steady” for many, many years. I WILL say that he likes it best when I wear my P-coat…he’s got a thing for a girl in a P-coat…it’s his PREFERENCE. Just like I like him best in dark green shirts…I PREFER them. I’m not going to dump him if he wears a navy shirt and I’m pretty sure he’s not going to dump me if I wear a parka.

  • “I do not care what you think of me, and I’m not going to go out of my way to make myself more appealing to you if you don’t think I’m appealing as I am. It’s like, if you wanna be my lover, you’ve got to get with every single one of my many imperfections all at once.”

    Ohhh, that’s right. It’s the guy who has to change, hide and be shamed by all his imperfections. Otherwise, he doesn’t love you enough. I truly hope that you remember your statement the next time you’re clawing your lovers eyes out over some inconsequential nonsense that you’re holding him responsible for. If you’re not waking up each morning wanting to be the best you can be for your significant other, than you aren’t in love. Using the “love me as I am” crap is a convenient excuse to be a lazy, selfish partner. Grow up, and experience an adult relationship.

    • Well actually, if they are focusing on the superficial, they aren’t being a good or worthwhile partner. Although it seems like kindness and supportiveness aren’t highly prized by you. You are only talking about shallow stuff. If you suddenly lost your looks in an accident, would you just expect your partner to dump you? Because that would be deeply sad.

      • It would be naive to assume that disfiguration or loss of ‘looks’ would not affect attraction, as you can love someone and have varying degrees of desire for them. I certainly don’t think many people would expect a lover to leave them if they were suddenly less attractive, especially after a traumatic incident like the accident you proposed; that scenario isn’t even in play. Creating outlandish situations in which you can create dire outcomes do not make your argument logical. You are in fact proving the point that you have little to no understanding of context or sarcasm. You are the type of partner people avoid like the plague. Cranapple is the embodiment of bad lover. You wildly misinterpret commentary and show a frightening lack of situational understanding. I hope no one ever has the misfortune of being in a relationship with you, you show no willingness to understand perspectives different than your own. You are an embarrassing mess.

    • What the hell is wrong with you?!! You’re insane, Penny. Get a fucking psychiatrist, you stupid bitch.
      You don’t even KNOW me and you are twisting everything I say (none of which has been shallow or stupid like you) while proving yourself to be a shallow empty shell! I think I hit close to home with YOU, and that’s why you’re going crazy!

      And by the way, my wonderful husband of 22 years and I are very happy and love each other inside and out.
      Hopefully you’ll get a day pass from the asylum and eventually meet someone.

  • I’m glad Gavin Rossdale(sp?) can acknowledge that make up has its benefits. Usually (or at least in my experience) men seem to believe they like a ‘natural look’ when in fact they prefer a full compliment of makeup, just in neutral tones. One of my projects in college was to show a series of photos wherein random men were shown pictures of a woman wearing eyeliner, lipstick, and mascara applied in a semi dramatic hand, and a photograph of a woman wearing primer, foundation, shadow, liner, contouring blush, lipstick and lip liner in ‘natural’ tones…70% of men pointed to the fully made up ‘natural’ model and said that she looked better because she was wearing NO makeup.
    If Gavin prefers Gwen in makeup, and Gwen prefers herself in makeup, what’s the problem? They are being honest about their preference. That seems healthier than many relationships.

  • Furthermore, telling your lover that his or her feelings, preferences, or ideas mean nothing to you is terribly cruel. Why on earth would anyone ever be honest and open with a person who marginalized their feelings that way? It’s abusive and manipulative, regardless of what the preference is. I’m going to assume its the chocolate talking.

    • That’s not what happened. And are you suggesting that we have to dress as our partner wants us to, not as we want?

      What IS abusive and manipulative is when one partner pushes their will on the other. Making them wear makeup or hair plugs or cravats. I’m with Sarah, your partner should love you for who you are, not what you look like, and you should love them the same way.

      • I suggest nothing. I state clearly that any partner should feel safe communicating their preferences, I make no mention of having to adhere to these requests, only that a person should be allowed to make them known. When you write ‘that’s not what happened’ to what exactly are you referring?
        Gwen said she likes her husband to ‘like her more’ and that he ‘likes makeup’, she did not say her husband gave her an ultimatum to wear makeup, nor did she say she felt that she was forced to wear makeup. By escalating the hypothetical argument to include force or surgical modification you have shown your understanding of the above commentary to be flawed and perhaps beyond your ability to comprehend.
        Being intractable in a relationship does not mean you are true to yourself, it means you are so self absorbed that you cannot understand that a person can love you, and sometimes have opinions that differ from your own.
        Perhaps this discussion hits close to home, maybe someone treated you shabbily, or didn’t find the ‘real you’ attractive…I don’t know but I am sorry if that happened. IF that is the case, I CAN totally see where that impression could come from, your commentary here does nothing to recommend you as a future partner, nor speak very highly of your personality. Calm your ‘righteous’ indignation and realize that lovers are human, may say things you don’t agree with, and are well within their rights to think something is attractive. EVEN if YOU don’t agree.

  • “When you write ‘that’s not what happened’ to what exactly are you referring?”

    That Sarah never actually said those words to her partner.

  • And you’re going crazily off track. No, I’ve been treated fine, I was commenting on shallowness, that’s all. I wasn’t been righteously indignant, you’re over reacting to everything I said, and YOU are being indignant.

    • I’m actually taken aback at how you went for the jugular and got nasty and personal, completely wrongly, simply because I said it’s who you are that counts. You’re not right in the head, Penny.

      • Because I am not intractable and without logic, I respect your right to that perspective. I have something called ‘self awareness’. You see, ‘self awareness’ allows an individual the ability to see that a person (no matter how misguided or challenged you/they may be) may have an opinion that I disagree with, and that is their right and prerogative. That view does not nessasarily change my worth or esteem, I am able to see how they may have come to that conclusion and my own culpability in that outcome. I admit, I went for the ‘jugular’. I did it because you made it so very hard NOT to. Your comments had an overtone of Hot (or not so hot)Mess transference, naturally I had to respond. I wouldn’t have respected myself otherwise.i am honor bound to point out Internet dumb-assery

      • Actually it was completely YOU that was transferring your rampant insecurities onto me. It was the very first thing you did.

  • @Penny,
    You need to re-read what has actually been said, take a pill, apologise for being a fucking bitch, and then stick your head in the oven.
    I didn’t do ANYTHING to you, you crazy bitch.

    • You seem so sane and smart. I hope I turn out like you when I get old and my husband starts fantasizing about anyone in the world but me. Wait, I mean you. That’s probably you. But still, super sane and super smart presentation. You are a gem.

  • You did nothing but present yourself in an honest light, I did nothing but dim that light with logic.

    *suicide is never a joke, and could be considered ‘abusive’, such statements do nothing to portray you as a victim who requires an apology. The lessons just keep coming, this must be a very exciting day for you. You’re learning all kinds of new concepts, pretty soon you will be as emotionally nature as the average fourth grader. You’re a mess. I cannot stress that point enough.

  • Ehhh I dont know. Seems like shes just being playful. Maybe she means she wants to keep him attracted to her. And who knows, maybe hes gotta do stufd too for her. Haha maybe he has to play glycerine,Machinehead or some shit like 3 times a day to keep her happy! Haha Hey whatever works!

  • It’s definitely rubbed me the wrong way… “He likes me more when I’m wearing make up” is different to “he thinks I look good with make up”. I definitely know I wouldn’t stand it if my boyfriend told me he liked me more with make up, because it’s my choice, just like I don’t tell him whether he should shave his beard or grow it. Personal appearance is that, personal.

  • Sweetie darling.. eat greens, beans and vitamin C.. then get some sun or drink Vitamin D.. you will feel amazing.

  • I don’t see what the big deal is, or even the need for the rant (unless it all is just PMS, of course, then I do get it! Rant away!). While my boyfriend loves me no matter what I’m looking like – he does like it when I take the time to gussy myself up for a date. So I try and make it a point to do that because he likes it. Does it harm me? No. Does it harm my self-esteem? No. Does that make him a dickhead? No. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself to keep your S.O. interested and happy. It isn’t demeaning on anyone’s part.

  • Penny, I don’t know if u like to use big words and superfluous phrases for kicks and giggles or you’re actually, truly serious. Either way, you sound slightly retarded on this commenting chain. …just a thought. Please don’t use your style of rhetoric to make completely pointless and rude comments. It’s insulting. Thank you.

    • I am glad I seem only ‘slightly retarded’. I would be so embarrassed is someone like you thought I was ‘full blown retarded’ or whatever ‘classy’ term is currently accepted by the medical community. I mean, I would hate to offend a person as fine mannered as yourself…all this time I was walking around thinking that using ‘retarded’ as a pejorative term was ‘rude’ and ‘pointless’. You really showed me.

      *just a thought, I’ve heard wonderful things about the baby Einstein series. The moving pictures and bright colors could help you hone your understanding of ‘big words’ or ‘small but difficult words’. As example: ‘You’ is a small word, it looks as though you may have gotten confused and left out the Y and O that usually come BEFORE the letter U. I’m to understand this is a simple mistake.

  • You’ve lost, honey. :) Just calm down. I admit, I am kind of entertained by you…but perhaps you just admit defeat and be nice.

  • As noted above, you really showed me. I’m not clear on how I can be ‘nice’, I mean, I didn’t call anyone a bitch or ‘slightly retarded’…I guess I’m just confused by your definition of ‘nice’ and ‘lost’. If you mean I have lost the ‘the flawed logic Olympics’ then you would be correct. You took the gold in that category. I think the only group ready to ‘admit defeat’ is the school system that failed in educating you, and your father for not pulling out sooner.
    All joking aside, I have about an hour and a half until my next flight. Think very hard about your next response, remember how embarrassing your last few posts have been, and try a little harder. Ask a friend or supervisor for assistance. I will be waiting. When I am at my destination, I will pause to humiliate you and crush your fragile and inexplicable self esteem.

  • Side note, I honestly hope your father doesn’t take the mistake of your birth too hard. As for the school system, I’m sure they tried their best; it is not fair for me to drag them into the mud. Hindsight is 20/20.

  • Come on Penny. You’re smarter than this. What happened?

    I mean, you get the “two” sides of the argument and how they’re skewed. It’s how people hear emotionally charged arguments and you know this as well.

    01) If Gwen were being forced, coerced, or shamed into wearing makeup, changing behavior, losing weight, or getting cosmetic procedures then that’d be abuse and, obviously, bad.

    But, if the people in question (which, in this argument assumes women, but this is entirely NOT the case) wanted to do something because THEY felt they needed to, then this is a self-esteem problem in some cases and fine in others.

    02) On the other hand, if she (or he) knew her partner LIKED a certain thing, it would be a loving gesture to provide it, such as she felt comfortable in giving that gift. Men do this too, if they’re worth anything.

    I have a LIST of things that I know my partner likes and am adding stuff all the time. I pick stuff at random and then do those things. (I actually have a program, but that sounds a little geeky. Don’t tell anybody.) I am laughingly SO not abused.

    Anyway, why the acerbic tone? You know you aren’t going to sway the house or “win” any arguments by ad hominem.

    Are you trolling? Maybe you’re having a bad day. I hope, personally, that your flight went well.

    Yeah, you’ve been poked a little bit in this chain, but you know as well as I do that picking at someone’s education or intelligence is boorish and crude.

    Surely you realize that some women have had abusive boyfriends that bellyached at them for being “too fat” or “slutty” or “plain” or whatever. Surely you know that when someone’s emotional they don’t argue so well.

    Taunting these people doesn’t make you look any smarter.

    As for your college project, men, as a whole, have NO F-ING idea about makeup. None at all. Most would probably run from the knowledge. (That’s WOMAN stuff! *grin*) They would only be able to spot a delta between lots-o-makeup and not lots-o-makeup. If they weren’t shown a picture with NO makeup, then they wouldn’t have known the difference.

    I argue 90% of men have NO IDEA what it takes to apply makeup skillfully, and if approached from a “craftsman” angle, they would probably gain a much greater appreciation.

    Anyway, the baby Einstein joke was pretty clever, if snarky, and I did grin, but don’t browbeat. It’s beneath you.

    • I will admit that I kicked Marsha and Crabapple while they were down; trying to stop kicking while a masochist begs you to continue is beyond my (obviously) limited self control.
      Crabapple did attempt to discuss the Gavin/Gwen topic (unlike Marsha) and I agree that her personal experiences (likely) caused her emotional and illogical commentary…I suppose I could have been more compassionate. That being said, it is not my responsibility to soften any verbal ‘blows’. I’m merely a random poster on a gossip website (that often leans toward snarky discourse), a stranger shouldn’t be able to make a stable adult so viciously upset. Crabapple’s emotional reaction is probably a solid indicator that her time would be better spent off message boards all together, and better used in positive self reflection. Lord knows I waste an awful lot of downtime myself.
      I do agree that she is a fragile person.

      I’m going to disagree on the subject of Marsha. I do not feel it is beneath me at all to question the intelligence or education of a woman who uses ‘retarded’ as an insult. My first field internship was working with the developmentally challenged, and I will never forget the shame and humiliation comments like that caused. Someone who uses ‘Retarded’ as a marginalizing statement is 100% open game for any derision I may hand out. I will give crabapple a pass on the ‘head in the oven’ suicide joke, because I can tell she’s on the edge as is. But believe me, in my line of work those jokes are usually not well received.

      I wasn’t trolling before, but I HAVE had a few bloody Mary’s and a twee package of pretzels, so a bit of tipsy trolling may very well happen now.

      • Yeah, Marsha’s pretty hard to defend. That comment was obviously childish and in extremely poor taste.

        The ‘big words’ comments, use of “u” instead of “you”, and ‘I WINZ’ indicates that she’s probably very young, and that would fit.

        *sigh* CAS obviously feels this is a very important topic and she has strong emotions. Engaging in logical discourse probably isn’t going to work.

        I didn’t feel that CAS’ point (to S. Dickinson (whose point was almost guaranteed to provoke a response)) was illogical but based on an emotionally charged viewpoint. You skipped in and kicked her square in the taco; she was obviously going to become angry and a little baffled. I’m not going to go through the logic chain. I’m sure you can follow it.

        Your counterpoint (marginalization etc.) was also valid, but didn’t relate to her comment as much as the entire corpus of discussion. I understood it, but some people’re going to miss that.

        She (obviously) thinks that you’re attacking her and trying to press a tangent into her conversation, so she got upset. I’m sure you see my reasoning.

        CAS is prone to hyperbole (the suicide thing) and emotional arguments (the extreme case to press a point). Using counterpoint and not understanding was bound to provoke a confrontation.

        That being said, I’m not sure I’d say you have a _responsibility_ to act with decorum, especially on teh internets and in a public forum. I’m sure as hell not innocent nor am I the arbiter of anything other than myself.

        At some point, though, beating on CAS is not going to make you look so good.

    • Ug. I’m so sorry. I hate it when flights suck.

      The last one I was on was filled to the brim and I couldn’t upgrade to first class (which is worth every cent). My pointy-haired boss always gets the cheapest seats, so I was stuck in the middle.

      I’ve always argued that it was wrong to make overweight people buy two tickets, but I had to sit next to this guy that filled his entire seat, lapped over the armrest space, and pressed me up against my armrest.

      This would’ve been palatable, but we were stuck on the tarmac for over an hour … with the air conditioners turned off … in 95 degree heat.

      My standing on the overweight thing definitely was tested as his sweat drenched (literally) my side, trickled down my leg, and pooled into my shoe. I still stick to my guns, but my conviction was sorely tested.

      • I had a very similar experience, it was not a comfortable ride.
        Weird story, I once flew on a small, independent (european) airline that charged based on the total weight of passengers (I clarified European because I don’t think Americans would stand, or sit for that kind of charge). Luggage was included in your weight tally. I think the cap was 175 lbs, then extra fees were added once that limit was reached. I weigh 110 lbs, so even with luggage I was well within the cap. A woman on the flight was crying and angry because she had exceeded the set limit. I tried to tell her she could use my bag space so no one would be inconvienced or charged…she yelled at me for implying she was overweight and the attendant told me bag switching would get me air marshaled or detained. I stay silent on flights now.

      • Been there, done that. Bought the tshirt, bastard next to me thought it was a napkin to mop his sweaty brow!

  • @Penny
    You are completely insane. You make stuff up just to keep your arguments going, things that were never even SAID by people, and you are a completely horrible person, and a psychopath. Enjoy your lonely, hate-filled life, in your twisted imagination.

  • Wow, we’ve been lured way off topic.
    First to CranAppleSnapple’s reply to my admittedly angry post – I’ve read your reply quite a few times, and there is no evidence that you even read mine. Who am I supposed to be kind and supportive of? Sarah’s original rant is as bull-headed and antagonistic as my own. Furthermore, physical attractiveness is a large component of overall attractiveness. Calling it “superficial” is naive.
    Secondly, the OP went off on Gwen’s husband (who wasn’t interviewed BTW) for his alleged preference. We ALL have preferences, physical and otherwise. It’s why we don’t seek out romantic relationships with every single fucking person we meet. My point was/is that it was terribly hypocritical to bash this man for his (still alleged) preference, while she was vehemently demanding to be adored for…I don’t know what. Not caring what her husband thinks of her? I’m sure OP spends her days unwashed, unkempt, in a potato sack, spouting her venom while her husband (Who’s opinion she cares nothing about) worships her for the person she truly is. Why would anyone love a sociopath?

  • And just to finish this off, He is the secret to a successful relationship with a man. Listen, men want three things: Respect, loyalty and sex. Give ANY man these three things, and he will worship you until the end of your days. You know why? Because no other woman can give him these three things. A woman can never seem to manage more than two at any given time, and most only one or none. There-that’s the secret. Now what do women want? They don’t even know what they want, but it is never, EVER what they already have. It’s called “White Knight Syndrome”. There is always some champion on the horizon who is just that much better than their current partner, ready to sweep them up and “love them for who the are”. Women don’t have relationships, they have tests. Tryouts. Everything is judged, and you are rooting for us to fail because that gives you an excuse for something new. Look into your man’s eyes. He’s not testing you. He’s not judging you. He just wants respect, loyalty and sex, and he wants them from YOU. No one else. Give it to him and be happy, for fuck’s sake.

  • If you can instantly attack a person because they believe it’s what’s inside that counts, then you are a shallow person and very sensitive about it. Someone probably called you shallow, previously.
    You proved your youth, arrogance and inexperience by ranting for multiple paragraphs about a person you didn’t even know. Hopefully as you mature you will realize you couldn’t possibly know everything about a person from one comment they made. A comment that you twisted and extrapolated just to meet your own insecure, defensive needs.

  • I’m pretty sure I wasn’t talking about you, CAS. But I am now. Your husband is fucking your cousin. Sorry you had to hear it from me.

  • Crabapple, When all the Internet thinks you are crazy, it would be CRAZY not to take the hint…

    S Dickinson, will you be my pal?

  • Furthermore, I’ve read dozens of OPs posts, and similar sentiments are found in each one she writes. Actually, I know her better than you know me, but that didn’t stop you from your judgments. You proved my point. Thanks!

  • It’s been 2 years. That would mean Penny is finally turning 16. And sweet 16 means no more pretentious, self-serving, superfluous comments about other comments. Comment on the topic, not the comments, Penny. You’re a big girl now!

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