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Quotables: Roseanne Got Roasted

A photo of Roseanne

“In 1985, Roseanne went on Johnny Carson, which is every comic’s dream back then. She killed, he laughed his ass off, he gave her a thumbs up and he invited her to sit on his couch. She got validation from the king which can never be taken away from her. And I just want to say, Rosanne, you were my Johnny Carson. And thank you for the thumbs up and thank you for inviting me to sit on your couch for a little bit.”

Tom Arnold, Roseanne‘s ex-husband, took a break from the comedy to be incredibly sweet.

Look, I know that a good many of you probably won’t really care about this, but I thought it was pretty much one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard. Roseanne is definitely a hero of mine, and I love her to death, and to hear this lovely praise from Tom Arnold, a person she obviously hasn’t had the most fabulous relationship with, is just beautiful to me. What I’m saying is that it made me cry. Is anyone else crying?

Roseanne’s roast will air on Comedy Central next Sunday at 10:00. Let’s be sure and take some time out then to celebrate this amazing, amazing lady, all right?

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  • Nice to see Tom showed some class. He’s a hard one to figure out. It seems he’s become a go-to guy when stars have substance abuse issues and need a voice of reason. Will definitely watch this special on Sunday night – there’s A LOT to roast Roseanne about.

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