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Jodie Foster Has Kristen Stewart’s Back

A photo of Jodie Foster

Do you remember that movie Panic Room? It was that movie – and this thorough synopsis is purely from memory, by the way – about the woman and her daughter who moved into this new house that had a panic room, and they were both like “huh?” but then some dudes tried to break in and they were both like “f-ck yeah, panic room!” The woman, of course, was Jodie Foster, but that daughter was a little bitty baby Kristen Stewart! And even though that movie was filmed about ten years ago, Jodie and Kristen are still tight. Tight enough for Jodie to lend Kristen a shoulder to cry on in these trying times.

Here’s some information about that tender relationship:

A source said: “As soon as she heard the news, Jodie contacted Kristen to offer her support. They have been close friends since they starred opposite each other in the 2002 movie ‘Panic Room’, and Jodie is a mother-like figure to her.

“Jodie told Kristen to take no notice of the media bashing and said if she wanted to cry her heart out to her she’s always available. Jodie loved Rob and is disappointed with Kristen for cheating on him. However, she knows at 22, she’s still very young and unfortunately people make mistakes in life. She thinks Kristen will learn from this and will only grow into a more mature person because of it.”

Ok, I think it’s time to have some Real Talk about this whole thing, don’t you? All jokes and snark aside, let’s just get Real for a minute. We can even do it in convenient bullet points.

– Yes, Kristen is just 22, but that’s definitely old enough to know better.  At 22, you have the mental ability to realize that cheating on your longtime boyfriend with a married man isn’t a nice thing to do.  Let’s not go down that route of “poor little Kristen Stewart just didn’t know what she was doing was wrong, bless her heart,” because not only is it incorrect, but it’s insulting.

– And yes, everyone does make mistakes. Last night I left the back door unlocked. A few days ago, I said something rude to my boyfriend because I was tired and irritable. Sometimes I make plans with someone because I forgot that I’d already made plans with someone else. Those are mistakes. Making a conscious decision to do something that you know will deeply hurt multiple people isn’t something that you just shrug off because “oh, everyone makes mistakes.” That’s bigger than that.

– Kristen made a really stupid choice, and I can’t understand how she’s able to do that to someone she loves, and yeah, I think it was a bitch move. But that doesn’t mean that Kristen Stewart is the worst person in the world. She’s not even the worst celebrity in the world. She did a really shitty thing that a lot of people do, that’s all.

– Of course Rupert Sanders deserves more blame than he’s getting. He’s a 40-year-old married man with children, and he’s also a director who had an affair with one of his actresses. It’s not that the world thinks Kristen Stewart deserves more blame, it’s that she’s Kristen Stewart. Who do you think people want to hear about more, some dude that directed a movie once or Bella Swan?

Robert Pattinson is a beautiful, perfect angel who doesn’t deserve any of this.

Now let’s discuss!

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  • I think everyone at this site is horribly sexist when it comes to cheating. You are softer on the people you like that cheat (men) and say very scornful things about the women. If it was the other way around I wouldn’t put it past you to make excuses for Robert cheating on Kristen. Also people are capable of anything at any time. It doesn’t take a deranged person to make a mistake. A good parallel is how virtually no one listens to health advice even thought we know our behaviors hurt parts of our bodies.

    • I couldn’t have said it better, Scout. I’ll just add one thing. I’ve always got my friends’ backs, ESPECIALLY when they screw up…that’s what a friend does.

      • so on board with this. people can be so critical of others mistakes. it’s been painful to watch the complete bashing of another human.

    • Scout, next time you find yourself about to say things like “I think that everyone at this site…” just stop and re-word, because generalizations are generally wrong.

      • I said what I said because I am guilty of reading everything on this site…so to call it a “generalization” is generous of you. I say what I say because it needs to be said. I think if you’re able to say such mean things about people, then you are capable of cheating. I don’t have blind loyalty to bloggers. They are humans too who need to stay in check.

    • I said in an article not to long ago that I thought the assclown didn’t get enough hate.

      And, I was gonna argue EBDs generalization quip, but, yeah … Star Wars quotes sink it. :(

      Sci-Fi quotes are like thief’s cant. They can only be safely said in certain company.

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  • well i thought that the male got a harsher backlash. though i cant really think of any but tiger woods. googled males who cheated and tiger and jesse are the ones who i can remember got some strong back lash over, the others didn’t hear about or too long ago to remember. i think hugh grant may have been given a hard time at the time but people got over it and still continued his career with some good movies – eg briget jones diary

    I think anyway that if it were rob who cheated he would have just got the same amount of backlash or more.
    Tiger Woods. Proving that you can have a smoking-hot wife, and still have a wandering eye, Tiger Woods cheated on his beautiful Swedish wife, Elin Nordegren, with many different women. Claiming to suffer from a sexual addiction, Tiger and Elin stayed together when the scandal became public in an effort to work things out.
    Jesse James. Bad boy Jesse James was also caught in a sex scandal himself. While seemingly happily married to America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, Jesse James was sneaking around with tattooed stripper Michellee McGeee.
    Hugh Grant. Hugh Grant has the distinction of being one of the STUPIDEST cheaters on our list of 10 celebrities that have cheated on their wives. While in a relationship with supermodel Elizabeth Hurley, Hugh Grant had a not-so-secret encounter with a prostitute. His indiscretion was even immortalized by a police mug shot.
    Charlie Sheen. Although married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen allegedly cheated on her with his assistant. Denise Richards claims to have caught the two red handed in a hotel room, but Sheen denies those allegations.
    Ethan Hawke. Ethan Hawke not only cheated on his wife, Uma Thurman, with the family nanny, but he then married the woman! The two went on to have a child of their own.
    Jude Law. Back in 2005, Jude Law and Sienna Miller appeared to be a happy couple. Then, he was caught having an affair with the family nanny. The celebrity couple broke up but were spotted together here and there 5 years after the fact. Is it possible that some men can get away with cheating? It would appear so in this case.
    Sean Penn. Sean Penn had a very public affair with actress Natalie Portman, right after he and wife Robin Wright separated. The relationship was formed so quickly, it left many wondering if it had been going on during the marriage. Robin Wright and Sean Penn eventually divorced.
    Jon Gosselin. Suddenly famous for being the father of eight children, John Gosselin couldn’t handle the spotlight. He allegedly had several affairs while married to Kate Gosselin. The couple soon broke up, as did their reality television show that made them both overnight stars.
    Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is one of the most powerful men in our list of 10 celebrities that have cheated on their wives. When he had an affair with intern, Monica Lewkinsky, she became famous! Now that’s impressive. His wife, Hilary Clinton, not only forgave him for his indiscretion, but the two remain married over ten years later.
    Josh Duhamel . Wrapping up our list of 10 celebrities that have cheated on their wives, is Josh Duhamel. Although married to sexy singer Fergie, he reportedly had an affair with all-nude stripper, Nicole Forrester. Forrester even took, and passed, a lie-detector test to prove that the affair actually took place. Josh Duhamel denies the allegations.

    • Nah pal we’re not comparing the backlash she’s getting with other dudes who have cheated in different situations. We’re comparing the backlash she’s getting to the backlash the other cheater, who has wife and children, ISN’T getting. See the difference? Don’t derail the conversation please.

      • nah mate, it’s you derailing by suggesting i was derailing from what ever you imagine the conversation to be.

        mine was a response to the very first post and not you or your imagination. the first post was not specific of the other guy in this situation (married man), it was men in general. as well as the hypothetical situation of Rob cheating which I made reference to. have a re-read of it, i quoted part below.

        “I think everyone at this site is horribly sexist when it comes to cheating. You are softer on the people you like that cheat (men) and say very scornful things about the women. If it was the other way around I wouldn’t put it past you to make excuses for Robert cheating on Kristen.”

        and by the way, no one gives a f about the director because they don’t know him. *what you seem to think the conversation was only about why he wasn’t getting as much flack as kristen. that’s half obvious. he is not a star like kristen of course he won’t be getting as much attention. DUH

        and also, if i had misinterpreted the first person’s post for whatever reason, my post is not so far out of context that you should need to feel worried about it and tell me to stfu