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I Wonder Why Adam Levine Doesn’t Like Music Critics

A photo of Adam Levine

Oh, you guys, I just gave myself a serious case of the giggles. See, Adam Levine just did an interview with Inked magazine, and he said some pretty douchey things. I know, I know, what a shocker. But I want to talk specifically about what he had to say about music critics. Here’s the quote:

“Music critics are all f-cking idiots. There’s obviously a certain balance between pursuing an audience and pursuing what you love to do, but I love what we do. I would never put out a record I didn’t want to listen to.”

And then I thought to myself, “huh, I wonder what music critics have had to say about Maroon 5.” And then I went on a wonderful adventure.

I found a review for the band’s new album, Overexposed, on CNN that claims that in the new songs, “Maroon 5 barely sound like a band at all.” Adam’s voice is “processed into a kind of high, disaffected whine, like a male Rihanna or an android castrato.” As for the songwriting, “Overexposed‘s self-aware title is just about the strongest wordcraft on the album.” Snap, CNN. Snap.

But then I dug a little deeper, and I found that Hollywood had already assembled a list of the five harshest Maroon 5 reviews. It’s pretty glorious:

From The Washington Post:Overexposed is a hit-seeking missile that doesn’t just slaughter Maroon 5’s reputation for sincerity, it festoons its corpse with glitter, hairspray and Hello Kitty Stickers.”

From News OK: “Once a real live band whose humanity, however glossy it might have been, could be verified by its mostly organic sound, Maroon 5 now appears to have converted into a silicone simulacrum of its former self with Overexposed, a collection of faceless android pop guaranteed to sound exactly like all the songs sequenced around it on Top 40 radio.”

From the Independent: “Another word for the color ‘maroon’ is ‘plum.’ The sooner this bunch of plums fade back into obscurity, the better.”

From NME: “Why are Maroon 5 still the MOR mavens you can’t defend to your mates? Because Adam Levine still sings like Sting with blue balls.”

From “If (like me) you thought that it was virtually impossible for an act as shamelessly commercial as Maroon 5 to ‘sell out,’ think again.”

Man, what a bunch of f-cking idiots, huh, Adam?

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  • You may think he is a douche monster however I think he is right. a critic is just the opinion of that person. It would bother me too if i did something that i thought was awesome only to have it blasted by people. who in all honesty likes that? no one wants to hear that something they did was bad. Plus, music and music tastes is all subjective. Just because something is on the top charts doesn’t mean i’ll like it just the same as if something gets blasted doesn’t mean i’ll hate it.

  • Excuse me but when I die I want my corpse festooned with glitter and hairspray (not Hello Kitty stickers though, just average kitty stickers with hologroahic backgrounds). It’s the fabulous way out of this world.

  • He is TOTALLY right.. critics are people with opinions.. big deal. The fans speak volumes, we buy the albums! And BTW.. you can think whatever you want about him. HE is a TOTAL sweet heart, Im a huge fan, Ive met him at least a dozen times and he is a doll to his fans. And in the media he is just plain honest and some people cant handle it!