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Because it sure looks like someone’s hiding something to me. That or, you know, pretending to hide something so that people stop thinking about Robert Pattinson‘s availability and focusing on how much they burn over the fact that Ryan Gosling is still having sex with Eva Mendes on the regular.

Yes, it’s the obligatory “Is Eva Mendes pregnant?” story that pretty much everyone is running with, but guys, I have this feeling that it … I don’t even know if I can say it. I have this feeling that … well, that it might actually be true. I don’t know why, and I could, of course, be entirely wrong, but I don’t think it’s so much of a stretch to say that Eva Mendes is probably carrying the offspring of Ryan Gosling in her womb. And I just can’t even.

Here’s some insight from our friends at Cele|bitchy, who also have some curious-looking photos from earlier in the week:

… We discussed some other photos of Eva yesterday in which Eva seemed to be shielding her torso from paparazzi inspection. And now in these photos, Eva is wearing a very loose dress. Is she trying to tell us something? Something of the baby bump variety? Eh. I thought for a moment that she looked kind of pregnant from behind yesterday (go here to see those photos), but I really can’t tell in these pics. Pregnancy might explain why she and Ryan dropped off the radar for a little bit. And I could totally see an “unplanned” pregnancy for Ryan and Eva, quite honestly.

I mean, check her out. She’s looking a little meatier in the face these days (a common pregnancy side-effect), she’s shielding her midsection with a bag, and Cele|bitchy’s right—Eva and Ryan have kind of dropped off the radar for awhile, so it’s all got to mean something, you know?

I’m giving it maybe another couple of weeks before I think we’ll know for sure. Eva could just be complacent, thinking that she’s got Ryan hooked one way or the other and that she doesn’t need to hit the gym every single day in order to look good, or, it could be the *other* thing. The other *pregnancy* thing. And my oh my if it is.

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  • ooh common! I think she is probably too old for getting pregnant in a normal way…she´s just pretending for the paps

  • I didn’t even realize people have had these rumors about her FOREVER!! Here’s a link to 2007, a form-fitting dress that “finally put the pregnancy rumors to rest.”
    I think she has weird posture, after looking at a lot of pictures, coupled with a proclivity for loose dresses. Maybe she gets yeast infections easily. (I hope.)

  • What do you care whether or not she’s pregnant? You mean if Ryan wasn’t screwing her he’d be screwing you? Oh that can’t be it because then that would make you a psycho and pathetic…. Oh wait a minute. Never mind.

  • Oh I “get” the Internet sweetie, it’s full of pathetic bimbos like yourself who think this kind of banter is funny and dare I say charming but it’s not. Bottom line, joking or not for a grown woman to be saying things like you do is sad and before you tell me I have no sense of humor let me state that do. But your right that I do not troupe as a grown woman I have I life. ( I’m home with the flu which is the only reason this is being written, out of pure boredom )

    • Good lord. No, in fact, you have NO humour. (It’s hilarious when someone angrily yells “I do SO have a sense of humour!”)
      I hope it’s the flu meds that have caused your *personality*. And if so, please list them so we can all avoid them.