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Christina Aguilera Wants You to Care About World Hunger

Yes, Christina Aguilera is filming a PSA for Yum! Brands World Hunger Relief. But why? It’s because she’s the new voice of Yum! Brands World Hunger Relief. It is now Christina Aguilera’s job to raise awareness and money for world hunger relief. I know a lot of people can think of some really catty things to say about that, but I’m not going to. I think it’s great that she’s doing this. Good for her.

But can I just say one thing? And I really, really don’t mean this in a mean way, ok? I sincerely don’t. But doesn’t Christina look like Miss Piggy? No, I know, and I swear I’m not trying to be rude. I love Miss Piggy! And Christina Aguilera just happens to look like her. See?

A photo of Miss Piggy

Do you see it? I can’t be the only person who sees it.

And while we’re remaining on the shallow side of this pool, did you watch that video yet? What’s up with Christina’s eye? That’s a booze thing, huh? I’m pretty sure it’s a booze thing.

But seriously, I think it’s great that she’s doing this. She could very easily spend all of her free time in bars or in bed or coming up with new and creative ways to not wear pants, but she’s dedicating some of her time to an important cause, and I think that’s really admirable.

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  • I will say the most obvious thing, that by the looks of her Christina single handedly creates world hunger. Too mean? Oh well.

  • I also should mention, I really despise when uber rich celebrities want us to care about world hunger or other causes. She can probably buy a small country and feed it for 5 years with her money.

  • I think she looks good, but wtf IS up with her eye? She’s got some Paris Hilton face going on.