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The Katy Perry With John Mayer Thing is Apparently Real

photo of katy perry and john mayer leaving chateau marmont pictures
Guess who was caught leaving the Chateau Marmont late last night? Together, that is. Just the two of them. In that car. So it’s a definite that they’re having sex (and probably in the vehicle above. As we speak).

Reps for both have not returned phone calls asking if the romance is for real, and I’ll be honest with you—when Emily mentioned it the other day, I was like, “Yeah, HA. Never happen,” but I’m beginning to reconsider my stance on it. Because John Mayer will definitely bone someone to the likes of Katy Perry, and Katy Perry … well, she’s got some f-cking weird-ass taste in men. This could probably be happening, right under our unsuspecting noses.

Here’s a video from TMZ if you want some live action. Ugh.

Image courtesy of the Huff Po

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  • Eeewww… girls WHY do you go there?? It’s like whenever a girl gets with Wilmer Valderama – you wonder wtf they’re thinking!!!

    But, agreed – she has weird taste in guys (i’m a fan of Russell Brands, but he’s hardly a cookie-cutter heart throb)

  • I see Mayer is staying true to form. Honestly, I don’t get it. Even if she didn’t read that Rolling Stone interview, hasn’t she heard about this guy? Maybe she sees emotionally unavailable men as a challenge, or something?

  • I honestly love this. I think he’s awesome. He’s said some stuff he shouldn’t have but sometimes attention makes you something ugly. If the man wants to change who are we to say he can’t? And the whole Rolling Stones magazine thing is a big ridiculous thing people are twisting into something it’s not. He was asked about the song… why shouldn’t he be honest about the way it made him feel? Taylor Swift added that song at the last minute. She does definitely use cheap songwriting. All of her songs have the same topic. She needs to grow up. How does he get all the dirt when she’s acting like a pre-teen? I’ll never understand this one.