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Kristen and Rupert Want to Do Snow White 2, Rupert’s Wife Says No

A photo of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders

I was pretty pumped to see Snow White and the Huntsman, and I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I did go see it. I really, really enjoyed it. Like, a lot. I thought it was a really fun movie, and I even thought that Kristen Stewart did sort of an ok job throughout most of the movie, which, for me, is a pretty glowing review of her acting. I remember thinking “someone needs to give that director an award for figuring out how to make Kristen Stewart watchable,” but now I realize that she probably only did such a good job (for her) because she went through filming looking forward to tasting some forbidden fruit at the end the day. And that’s sad.

But before news of Kristen and Rupert’s affair broke, there was talk of a Snow White sequel. Afterwards, most of us assumed it was never going to happen, but why would anyone miss out on such a great opportunity? The added publicity that the movie would get from the cheating scandal would be phenomenal, and that’s why, I assume, both Kristen and Rupert want to be a part of it.

Rupert’s wife, Liberty Ross, meanwhile? She says no. She says no hard:

Rupert Sanders has been told by wife Liberty Ross to forget about directing Snow White and the Huntsman 2 if he wants to win her back, is exclusively reporting. The British model gave the stern warning to the movie director in a desperate bid to save their marriage after revelations he had an affair with Kristen Stewart .

Sanders, 41, was originally lined up to direct the sequel after it became a box office success. However, he is yet to sign an agreement with Universal Pictures who are considering putting someone else in the director’s chair.

“Liberty let it be known in no uncertain terms that Rupert can’t direct the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman,” a source revealed. “They are trying to work things out after he was caught having an affair, and that is one of the sticking points. She just doesn’t want him to ever work with Kristen again. Rupert is obviously disappointed because Snow White and the Huntsman was his directorial debut, and he had hoped on building on that with a follow-up after some decent reviews. But he knows his actions were inexcusable, and he’s going to have to bite the bullet and listen to his wife on this one.

“Also, when Rupert signed up for Snow White and the Huntsman, he didn’t know he was going to get a chance to direct a sequel. His contract with Universal was only for one movie. It was a verbal agreement that he was to take the reigns on the sequel, nothing was ever signed. Kristen, as the film’s lead, will get preference over Rupert and Universal will just find another director,” the source said.

Is Rupert Sanders honestly dumb enough to think that he could just go do the sequel with no problems? What, would he pinky promise Liberty and say “no cheating, swearsies”? What a jackass. And as for Kristen … I don’t even know. I never understood how she got a job in the first place, so I’m not really the best person to speculate on how the rest of her career will go.

Would you go see Snow White and the Huntsman 2?

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  • i would not watch another snow white and the huntsman movie. i thought it was a horrible movie. the only saving grace was charlize theron. poorly thought out plot line, poorly developed characters. kristin stewart was horrible. terrible at her part, and completely unbelievable as a strong female lead. charlize theron can take the title for that in the movie. ugh. what a waste of time and money. the last time i was that bored in a movie i was watching gi joe.

  • I wouldn’t dream of going to any movie that Kristen Stewart is in, was in or going to be in….She is a homewrecker and she isn’t even that good of an actress….Stupid grunge….She was only thinking of herself and not of an innocent wife or two innocent children….