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What Did Kris Jenner Say to Bruce After They Got Married?

A photo of Kris Jenner

Ok, let’s really set the scene here. Bruce Jenner just, for some unfathomable reason, married Kris. Bruce got the idea in his head to propose to her, ideally to spend the rest of his whole life with her, and to live with her and be with her for always, and he went through with it. Crazy, right? But what do you think Kris could have told Bruce right after they got married? Something sweet, right? Something romantic and touching and incredibly memorable. Right?

Nope. Here’s what she told him:

“I just want you to know, never trust me.”

Wow, brand new wife! What a nice sentiment!

This story was told by Bruce on the most recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and after Kris’ daughters heard it, they decided to give Kris a lie detector test. During the test, she claimed that Robert Kardashian is, in fact, Khloe’s biological father, that she’s never stolen from her daughters during business deals, and that Kim is her favorite. And she passed, you guys. She passed the test.

What an awful human being.

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  • Bruce Jenner must have been, and continue to be, really hard up for money or affection in order to have married this horrible excuse for a human being.

  • What horrendous mother would actually tell all her kids she has a favorite child? Its only Kim because Kim makes her the most money. If Khloe made her the most money she would be her favorite. Kris is pure classless, trash.

  • Hunh. In my mind I heard “SUCKER!!! HAHAHAHAHA!”.

    Oh well.

    Oh, and pathological liars find it very easy to pass polygraphs. That is the one reason why they aren’t reliable in court. Police’ll use them to rule you in, but not out.

  • More fabricated drama. I guess they can just come up with anything and put it on the show and people believe it’s true.

  • I’m sure she was just trying to keep him on his toes so he didn’t take her for granted. That was funny, because she obviously loves him. They’ve been together so long. It was a smart move just like all of the business that she handles obviously!

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