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Stars Without Makeup: Mary-Kate Olsen

photo of mary kate olsen pictures no makeup photo
You know how sometimes when a person gets a cat or a dog, or even a car, really, they sometimes resemble that of which they’ve chosen? Or at some point, take on an uncanny resemblance to their cat, dog, car, or—in this particular case—boyfriend? Because being with a forty-two year old man has done just that for the young, twenty-five year-old Mary Kate—it’s made her look exactly like a forty-two year old man. Granted, a forty-two year-old man with long hair so … oh, does she look like Johnny Depp, now, maybe? Because the outfit*, for the love of God, just screams “I just left Vanessa Paradis for a sub-par actress who tickles my c-ck with her fake blonde hair and acrylic nails.”

Lookin’ good, girl.

*Actually, no—everything but the shoes scream “Johnny Depp.” The shoes? They scream “UNCLE JESSE.”

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