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Love It or Leave It: Demi Lovato’s Multi-Tonal Hair

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Now, it seems like we have a history of slamming Demi Lovato’s hair (and for good reason—oftentimes it looks completely f-cking awful), and it’s usually because her extensions are way busted, or because she dyes her hair questionable colors that just aren’t all that flattering, and this new style is no exception.

I’m just going to cut to the chase—love it or leave it? Because I, for one, think it’s really, really bad.

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  • She’s young, if there is a time to play around with different styles and colours then youth is it.

    Yes it does look shitty but who can honestly say hand-on-heart that they have not had a bad hairstyle?

  • is it weird that i’m not at all focused on her hair, but on the person in front of her? still trying to figure out if that’s a woman with a very masculine face (lips, nose jaw) and neck (super defined adam’s apple)… or if it’s a man with breasts and a very feminine style. but anyway, her hair isn’t cute. i’m not a fan of unnatural hair colors.

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