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Quotables: Justin Bieber Is Just Too Much

A photo of Justin Bieber

“I’m actually part Indian. I think Inuit or something? I’m enough percent that in Canada I can get free gas.”

Justin Bieber lets all us non-Canadians in on how Canada works in his latest Rolling Stone interview.

Other very important points that Justin covers in the interview include fondue (he’s had chocolate fondue, “with, like, strawberries and stuff,” but not cheese fondue, because “who eats the cheese kind unless you’re old and from Paris?”), car accessorizing (he essentially bedazzled the dashboard of one of his cars with his initials), and manhood (“I could have a child right now. That’s nuts.” Yes, it is).

Never change, Justin. Just keep on kickin’ that wisdom forever.

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  • I hope he damn well pays for his gas, though. I don’t think those laws were created for teenaged multimillionaires who aren’t really sure how much Native blood they have and are also unaware that Inuit are usually considered distinct from “Indians” (meaning indigenous peoples living outside the Arctic circle – genetically and culturally quite different). I’m white as white can be and I know that.

  • I say this now as a ridiculous human being:

    Justin Bieber is a ridiculous human being.

    Like, the things that he says are sometimes just so out there and rambly that they belong on a comedy show in which awkward impulsive ramblings while nervous are a staple of the show. Do you know what I mean? Like, spouting off random facts (not sure if that fact is true), and telling people the most awkward, embarrassing things about his car that really you should never have done, much less tell the world about.

    • I wonder if he would have been this ridiculous if he hadn’t gotten famous though. Like if he’s this awkward because he was told how hot and amazing and talented and special he is when he was 15, or if he was just born that way.

      But yeah, a lot of times he doesn’t even seem like a real person.

      • I think that he at least had that potential in him. Like, he would have been kind of ridiculous otherwise, but just the kind of guy who won’t stop talking about the threesome that he had with two girls that one time in college, even though it’s not that big of a deal and it’s really awkward that he keeps talking about it.

        Instead, he talks about his dreadfully tacky car-decorating habits and has overblown anger issues that should really have been over in middle school, *before* he was famous. I don’t know–I’m one of those people who never understands yelling. I’m *horrified* by angry faces and angry tones.

        Sorry; I’m looking at the “Justin Bieber Could Be Headed For Six Months In Jail” picture right now and that’s just such an alarming expression for his face to make.

  • Well, talented he may be, but articulate he is not.

    He sounds like the cliched dumb blond. “Indian, Inuit, or something”????????” Talk about having a strong sense of your heritage.

    And by the way, Justin, Indian is not the politically correct term for what you partly are. Native, aboriginal peoples, First Nation Peoples are some terms you might want to try on for size.

  • This bugs me because “Indian” is a pejorative term up here in Canada. (It’s kind of like the n-word, though, because people who actually belong to that cultural group sometimes do refer to themselves as “Indian”.) The accepted terms are: First Nations, Inuit, or Metis. But because he doesn’t even know which group to affiliate himself with, he is speaking like a typical Canadian redneck. He’s making us all look bad.

  • i seriously DISLIKE him. He’s such an entitled, above the law little shit. You can just tell he treats people “beneath” him like crap…he fully has that shitty “i’m justin beiber” attitude. I wish he would just GO AWAY now…it’s time.

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