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Justin Bieber’s Rolling Stone Cover Made Me Throw Up in My Mouth. A Lot.

photo of justin bieber rolling stone cover pictures
Also, did you know? Justin Bieber carries himself in a more manly way, too! Can you even believe it? I can’t. It’s just too much. I thought that we’d heard it all when we found out that Selena Gomez was just a waste of a girl, living only off of the sheer fame that emanates from Justin Bieber’s manly, manly penis, but apparently I was wrong—it only gets better.

Here’s what he had to say to RS about being a man and not a boy AT ALL:

“I feel like I carry myself in a more manly way. I don’t carry myself as a boy.”

But don’t worry, guys—before Justin got too far up in his ivory tower, our boy Usher shot him down, calling him a child:

“He’s more mature than the average child — or rather, young man.”

So, there it is, guys. Usher officially shot Biebz down. THE BIEBZ went down in a blaze of children. Which sounds really, really bad, but you know that Usher’s quote probably buried Justin, and he had to go forth and kick another photographer in the shin while crying to Selena that “people just don’t get” him.

Does this make your night? Does it make up for the fact that I subjected you to Octomom’s bloodless, marbleized body this late in the game? I mean, can it please?

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  • Well, at least if something happens to Justin, Shiloh Pitt can take his place without missing a doppleganger beat.

  • Usher is gay. His wife sued him because of it.

    I’m not sure that Usher’s comment was meant in a disparaging way. *shudder right down to my toes*

    Ugg. Now I need a shower. :/

    On a hilarious note: Usher’s ex, Tamika (I think?) called gay men decepticons. I LOLed first because of a HILARIOUS image of Travolta – Travolita-bot!

    Then I struck a philosoraptor pose. How the hell did she know what a decepticon was and then figure out how to use it in a clever context?

  • the picture loaded, for a second i was thinking who is this chick then realized it was a guy.

  • I was a typo.
    It was supposed to read
    Even photoshop couldn’t make his arms look normal sized without people calling bullshit.
    And whats with the “bedroom eyes” and Bundt cake on his head?

    • For a spit second, that’s exactly what I thought! “Hmm….has RollingStone changed its format? What is it now….”A Lot o’ Hot Tots?”