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  • Well, Pascal Laugier is the director-writer as he has been in the last 3 movies he’s done in the last 15 or so years. So he, likely, sucks.

    I am a huge horror movie buff and I haven’t seen either of the last two.

    From IMDB, the production budget is $18M (which is ultra-low budget for a professional movie) and her average salary is in the $4M range supposedly, so they did pay a good chunk for her. That is, if her salary is still that high. I’d bet it is waaaaayyy down, but I’m guessing.

    She, however, has the range of a moldy (not fresh) artichoke and is basically a board (cue shelfy jokes) they stand up for … whatever reason. Watching her in Stealth and Next made me wana go punch a puppy (not really. I love dogies.).

    She’s in a bunch of movies this year (6 or so), so her career has apparently lurched forward again. Hurrah.

  • She will attempt to make facial expressions but only grimace, show teeth, glare, stare as the intimidating bang/fringe fuggy heavy long hair-do situation will block most indications of feeling, spirit, character, in artistic execution. Guess how I feel.. it’s the words.. but what did she mumble?

  • Well I do love the bad kind of horror movie, so I might. :D
    I also love the good kind of horror movie, and I hope every time that one will actually scare the hell out of me. They usually fail. Any advice for me on movies that are just damn scary?