UPDATED: Yeah, Jenny McCarthy’s Playboy Shoot Was REAL Classy

photo of jenny mccarthy playboy nudes pictures 2012 pic
Remember how Jenny McCarthy said the other day that her newest Playboy photo spread was so classy that it could actually be featured in W magazine? LOL ON THAT! Oh my God, has she ever even picked up a copy of W? I found the pictures, and let me tell you—they are far, far, far from classy. I’d go as far as to say that they’re treading profusely in deep “seedy” waters, and classy isn’t even in the same pool.

Jump in to check out Jenny’s NSFW “classy” nudie shoot. And then stick in your skankbank and forget it ever happened, OK?

Update: One of our lovely commenters was genteel enough to point out that this actually *isn’t* Jenny McCarthy’s latest Playboy shoot, but an older one. My bad! The commenter goes by Idiot Please and has a history of posting nasty things under various names, but what Idiot Please doesn’t realize is that I CAN SEE YOUR IP ADDRESS. You’re not fooling anyone.

Here’s a censored-ish photo from Jenny’s shoot that should tide you over ’til we get the right ones.

photo of jenny mccarthy pictures nudes
And in the meantime? There ARE still nudes after the jump. Jesus, some people are just so damn hard to please.

Playboy images courtesy of Egotastic


  1. Idiot Please says:

    You do realize that Jenny was in playboy previously? These are her OLD photos, amateur.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ease up there “Idiot Please”. It was an honest mistake. While you may be quite the nudie pic connoisseur, not everyone catalogs the old pictorials and commits them to memory. Just relax and jerk off to something else in the meantime.

  3. Jagga One says:

    Not the first site that has made that mistake.

  4. Christina says:

    I’m actually glad those aren’t her current photos. She looks so fake in them compared to the playboy tease photos. I prefer those… more natural. =)

  5. Maxx says:

    If they r gonna photoshop her they could at least fill in the tanning bed lines on her ass….

  6. Mr.Brightwell says:

    I bet the carpet does not match the curtains.

  7. Rubyredress says:

    She looks like a pathetic, desperate bimbo.

  8. Rubyredress says:

    What about her young son that she constantly goes on about? How embarrassing for the poor kid.

  9. Martha says:

    Workin’ it-she looks pretty sexy, but Photoshopped to the hilt!

  10. Martha says:

    Not current?-for shame! I thought she looked pretty good for her current age-false advertising! I think I feel vindicated now as far as my 40 plus body-I think…..

  11. Shelly says:

    If your job is to “break news” in the gossip world, at least do your research properly, that way you don’t look like a moron for calling someone a skank whose comfortable to pose half naked.

  12. jeery says:

    tooo sexy… add ful nude photos

  13. Anonymous says:

    w t f is with the hair.!

  14. Anonymous says:

    What a FAKE lookin nasty hoe. How desperate can u get?? Guess her career must be doing really well LOL

  15. MRyan says:

    This is one crazy-ass party chick! J-Mac is hella cool but will not hesitate to bust out a burp or fart anytime, anywhere! Amazingly, no I didn’t tap that ass bcuz she wanted a three-way with a sheep!

  16. MrAnonymouse says:

    Oh noez! You’ve got his IP address! He better run and hide!!!!!! Kinda silly to put that in your post.

    • Sarah
      Sarah says:

      You apparently missed the whole point. Let me clarify—the commenter in question often posts under various names, trying to make it seem like he or she is a variety of people (agreeing with each other, posting similar comments to make it seem like three or four or oh noez! even five people are saying similar things), when in actuality, his or her IP address shows that they are, in fact, just one sad person trying to make a presence of themselves by posting the same things all the time under different handles.

  17. bbmp says:

    any girl want to get fuck text this number 7063717349

  18. kellyinseattle says:

    I wish she was still w/ Jim Carrey.

  19. Hary says:

    Absolutely wonderful body….

  20. fäixæñ says:

    wow!what a sexy body she got.she’s 2 $exy.

  21. little tommy mapother says:

    that’s not her real hair color… it’s GREY!!! too old, baby! even little tommy sez so- nice sagging stomach, too – can’t they at least give me a courtesy photo shop there. looks like Bea Arthurs snizzle after a good ironing- yuck and …uh.. yuck

  22. Allinosal says:

    Jenny McCarthy said the other day that her newest Playboy photo spread was so classy that it could actually be featured in W magazine


  23. Rocky John says:

    Well She is as current as Playboy magazine anyway.

  24. HEART BREAK KID says:


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