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Katie Just Couldn’t Swallow Scientology

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Oh man, can you think of how many cases out and out this phrase could apply to John Travolta‘s masseurs?

Anyway, TMZ has exclusive inside information (and I just cannot wait to see what else comes out of this divorce) that one of the biggest catalysts in Katie Holmes’ and Tom Cruise’s divorce was—DUN DUN DUN—the Church of Scientology. From TMZ:

Katie Holmes filed for divorce primarily over Tom Cruise’s fierce ties to Scientology, fearing that Tom would drag Suri deep into the church … sources connected with the couple tell TMZ.

Our sources say … Katie has never been fully committed to Scientology, even though she has had ties with the church. We’re told the couple had been arguing over Suri — that she’s now of the age where Scientology becomes a significant part of her life.

Sources familiar with the split tell us Katie is filing for sole legal custody — as we first reported — specifically because she does not want Tom to control decisions relating to religion.

Sources have told us that the divorce is NOT about money — we’re told Katie doesn’t need Tom’s money … because she has plenty of it … and will be well taken care of under the terms of the prenup.

TMZ also posted footage of Tom defending the Church to the death back in 2008. And a lot of general ranting about mind control and ESP and saving people’s lives from accident scenes. It’s pretty wacked, guys. You’ve seriously got to see this:

So yeah. No. I definitely wouldn’t want a child growing up exposed to this, because damn. This shit itself and how enveloped this nut is with it is just f-cking insane. Too bad Tom couldn’t “create new and better realities and improve” his own conditions. Then maybe his wife wouldn’t be running for the hills with their daughter in her arms.

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  • I wouldn’t want my child growing up in ANY religion, but fucking hell Scientology sounds especially crazy.

  • Have you ever looked up any info about the COS? Those people are seriously fucked. I’m interested to see if they even allow Holmes to keep the kid.

    • Oh man, I sure hope so. I can’t imagine Suri without Katie. They go hand-in-hand. Literally.

  • There was a blind item that was directly on point with this…they’ve known for a really long time. The “blind sided” is bullshit – the marriage contract was up ;)

  • I wish her well in escaping from a marriage to another religious nut. When you ask these zealots the origin of their church’s precepts, they don’t really know what they are. When I asked some Mormons about where they got their beliefs from they couldn’t answer. Blind faith is what is needed.

    • Well then that Mormon was misinformed, because Mormons know very well where we got our beliefs. : ) No blind faith. Sorry.

  • All organized religion is crazy. That aside, there are 3 sides to every story and perhaps there is much more to this one. There are most likely a whole set of reasons why Katie filed for divorce. Katie seems like a great mother to her daughter based on images and body language. I haven’t seen Tom in any.

  • This is not a marriage ending this is a contract expiring. Stop believing the BS the media is promoting

  • I think being married to a fanatic would be impossible. Even if you were comfortable with their beliefs, you would go nuts hearing them squawk about them day and night. I certainly wouldn’t want my children around all that fanaticism…it didn’t work out too well in Waco and Jonestown, did it? Freedom of religion is guaranteed to everybody in the U.S. Tom can believe in whatever floats his boat. Suri Cruise should have that right, too. I think Tom should definitely have visitation, but I can definitely see him trying to brainwash his kid…that ISN’T his right.