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Dr. Drew Is Worried About Lindsay Lohan

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

From Radar:

Dr. Drew Pinsky is questioning Lindsay Lohan’s explanation of her recent medical mishap, saying he believes it’s physically impossible for a twenty-five-year-old to be unable to be woken because of exhaustion and dehydration, is exclusively reporting.

As previously reported, Lohan was treated for “exhaustion” after working all night on the set ofLiz & Dick, a week and a half ago.

The actress was found in the penthouse of the Ritz-Carlton and paramedics were called. Lindsay’s rep released a statement at the time stating: “Lindsay worked a grueling schedule the past few days. She was on set last night at 7 p.m. and worked through the night until 8 a.m. this morning. She took a nap before shooting her final scene. Producers were concerned when she did not come out of her room and called paramedics as a precaution. Lindsay was examined and is fine, but did suffer some exhaustion and dehydration. Lindsay was never taken to a hospital; reports to the contrary are false. She is resting now and is hoping to be back on set later this afternoon.”

“It’s absolutely impossible for a normal healthy, twenty-five-year-old woman to be unable to be woken because of dehydration and exhaustion,” Dr. Drew told exclusively. “Something else was obviously going on with Lindsay, because like I said, that just doesn’t happen, even if she had been working grueling hours. For someone to be unable to be woken and basically unconscious is very serious. Eighty-five-year-old men and women can be in that state, but not someone who is Lindsay’s age. I wish Lindsay only the best, but I’m truly worried about her.”

Lohan is scheduled to complete filming on Liz & Dick in the next two weeks, and the Lifetime biopic will air this fall. Dr. Drew’s show on HLN can be seen nightly at 6 p.m.

LiLo’s rep Steve Honig tells Radar, “I think it’s irresponsible for a doctor to be making a diagnosis about a person they have not examined, or about a situation of which they do not have all the facts. Unless, of course, they are looking to get publicity for themselves.”

We all know how Dr. Drew likes his gossip just as much as the next person, don’t we? Because that’s really what this is. I don’t think he ever says anything about a celebrity in a specific attempt to offer medical advice, I think he’s just a big ol’ gossip and he has a different frame of reference that he can use. I’m not saying it’s a good thing for him to be doing, and I understand why so many people feel weird about it, but guys, let Drew dish when he needs to, ok?

But hey, what do you think really happened with Lindsay?

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  • Not that I’d ever normally agree with LL but I used to know a girl who slept so soundly we could never wake her up – almost missed our holiday due to it! LL was probably on something but don’t think “Dr” Drew is ever qualified to talk about these things!!

  • I’m in the same boat as Callid. One can’t take Ms. Lohan at her word, however I did have a friend who in her 20s would exhaust herself to the point that she just could not be woken. I remember her college boyfriend dragging her across the floor trying to get her dressed, hoping that at some point she would wake up so she wouldn’t miss her classes.

  • I have been able to sleep through an alarm and a fire alarm since I was born. My alarm clock needs to be right beside my head and has to be of a certain decibel before I wake. Having stated that, it also occurs to me that LiLo has had drug probs in the past. She may have been self-medicating, but it is irresponsible for a doctor to gossip, particularly when he is examining from afar, as in probably never examined this patient at all ever. He’s turned into less of a source of knowledge and more of a source of gossip, as the article above clearly illustrates.

  • I know there’s water on the set of that movie.. drink it! avoid dehydration, do your job, and get paid the big bucks. life is so rough for poor little lindsay.

  • as a sober child, i slept through the northridge earthquake livin’ 20 minutes from the epicenter. ::shrug:: …betch is still on megadrugs, just sayin’.

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