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Chris Packham Keeps Quoting David Bowie Lyrics in His Nature Show

You don’t know who Chris Packham is? It’s cool, neither did I until a few minutes ago. Chris Packham is a wildlife expert on this show called Springwatch that airs on BBC. He is also amazing.

Chris Packham has taken it upon himself to fit in a David Bowie song title on the show whenever possible. And sure, some of them are easy – “Changes,” “Fame,” “Heroes,” for example – but some of them require much more talent. He sees a bird with a bright orange spot on top of his head, for instance, and calls him the “Ziggy Stardust” of birds. He calls a nest of young birds “All the Young Dudes.” He even manages to spot a bird that he refers to as “Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed.”

I know it might sound a little silly here, but you have to watch it to appreciate how seamlessly he manages to work in the 49 different song titles. Because yeah, he’s mentioned 49 different songs in 12 episodes. It’s inspiring, is what it is.

How many song titles did you notice?

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