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36Do You “Beet Off” at Work, Too?

She does!

And oh snap, she does, too!

Come on now, come clean—do you beet off at work? Or hey, do you want to beet off at work (or home, or church, or your boyfriend’s house, whatever)? Then enter to win our weekly Caption This contests, where you can win this shirt. It’s awesome. I have one, of course, and people literally stop me in the grocery store to read what’s on the front of it (f-ck yes I wear this bitch grocery shopping). Some people give me really dirty looks and some people crack up laughing. I guess it really kind of shows who’s got a sense of humor and who doesn’t, but I just know that all of you guys really, really do (OK, well, most of you).

You can also win this shirt by doing generally awesome things like being the week’s most-commenting reader; by, you know, starting virtual fights in the comment threads (kidding. Kind of); and by just happening to be one of the lucky ones drawn to win a random. In order for that last one, though, you have to be a follower through our social media (Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest) so we know where to find you and surprise you and STALK YOU.

Get on it! I want to see you all beeting off!

June 21, 2012 at 10:30 am by Sarah
Filed Under: Evil Beet Gossip

36 Responses to “Do You “Beet Off” at Work, Too?”

  1. Chaz says:

    I humbly propose that we have a vagazzling contest while wearing the shirts. Sarah, whats the proper term for guys who’ve vagazzled their dangly bits?

  2. Chaz says:

    Bullseye….. Actually, I was just getting the jump on the women who would demand the contest be open to all readers, not just the ones with a cooch!!

  3. Emily says:

    Can I win one? I want to win one!

  4. lease says:

    I’m beeting off at work right now…

  5. evilbeetdouche says:

    I masterbeet.

  6. Bus says:

    I beet off all the time!!! Oh wait… NOW I get it…beet as in evilbeetgossip like “do we visit the site at work” I get it now… I do.

  7. mireee says:

    Aww I have my t-shirt in Liverpool and I’m currently in Spain, but I’ll take a piccie and send it over to you when I’m back.

  8. mama said knock you out says:

    advertising how fireable you are – nice.

    • Chaz says:

      Fuck that…. I’m self employed and every client who has seen my shirt loves it. Plus, all the guys on my rugby team think it’s “TITS”…. high praise indeed coming from a bunch of mouth breathers

  9. frank kumi says:

    pls l need a woman as my partner?so l love ‘u’.

  10. MRyan says:

    I beet with my feet! Stop picturing.

  11. Sadie says:

    I don’t get why your merch is piss yellow? Why not go with the color that’s on your site? I’d be more inclined to purchase that!

  12. Randi says:

    Hey! That’s me! :D

  13. Stacey says:

    And me!

  14. mireee says:

    And me! :D

    • evilbeetdouche says:

      God, what a fat load and your apartment looks like a prison cell.

    • Chaz says:

      Nice titz though…..

      • MRyan says:

        You aint kiddin! Should I add a “tapped that ass” comment? Hmmm.

      • Chaz says:

        You can, but she’s gonna nail you for being the sexist pig that you are…. While myself…. I’m an older, colorful, eccentric, who happens to celebrate the female form

      • MRyan says:

        So Chaz, you were finally able to become a man but that’s not enough. You have to go call a “real” man sexist pig over a mere joke. Is this just your frustration over that one time LOOONG ago when Cher, your mom, came to visit me and I tapped that ass? I’m sure, I said I was sorry for that, I think once. Let it go!!!!

      • Chaz says:

        Are you such a mental pygmy that you couldn’t understand my “mere joke?”

  15. MRyan says:

    Yes. Sorry, I didn’t get it. Pygmy, lol? C’mon.

  16. BeetMyMeet says:

    I’d like that girl in the first pic to Beet Me Off!

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