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Love It or Leave It: Rumer Willis Goes Ballsy Blue

photo of rumer willis pictures blue hair photos
Blue hair? Eh. I don’t know. It’s cool, but I’m not sure how I feel about it on Rumer Willis here. Yeah, it’s loads, loads better than this:

photo of rumer willis face pic
And definitely an improvement upon this:

photo of rumer willis hairstyle pictures
But I’m still not sure blue is quite her color. If she’s going to be all adventurous with her hair and whatever, I’d personally like to see her go bright pink. Britney-Wig Pink. With the bangs and all. Rumer’d end up looking like a modern, chic Cleopatra with those piercing eyes and strong jawline, and I really think she’d be able to pull it off pretty well.

What do you guys think—is Rumer looking hot?

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  • I love all her hair styles people need to stop picking on her for her choice of hair styles,clothing, and tattoos. I know people have their opinions but they are their own person they dont need someone else telling them how to live their lives