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Amanda Bynes Wasn’t Drunk, And She Can Prove It!

A photo of Amanda Bynes

It seems like ever since Amanda Bynes got wasted and hit that police car, she’s dead set on making sure we all know that she never got drunk and hit a police car. Despite all the facts, despite all the evidence, she’s not going to admit that she did it. And that’s some real Lindsay Lohan shit right there.

The latest stop on Amanda Bynes’ tour of denial? She thinks that she can come up with proof that she wasn’t drinking on the night of her DUI arrest. Even though, you know, she failed one of those tests that can tell if you’ve been drinking. Solid plan.

Troubled former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes — who recently pleaded on Twitter for President Obama’s help on her DUI case — believes she can prove she wasn’t drinking on the night when she crashed into a cop car in West Hollywood.

Bynes faces a single count of misdemeanor DUI after she allegedly sideswiped a Los Angeles police cruiser on April 6. She’s now insisting she can prove she wasn’t drinking or under the influence of drugs (and without the help of the president). One source said, “Amanda will have friends testify that she wasn’t drinking on the night in question and she can produce camera footage from locations she visited to back it up.” She allegedly refused a breathalyzer but later blew a negative test at the station. The source added, “The real concern among her friends is Amanda’s state of mind. She doesn’t seem to grasp the severity of the situation. She seems out of it.”

Bynes raised further concerns over her bizarre behavior when she last week tweeted, “Hey @BarackObama . . . I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.” Sources also say Bynes oddly claims to have a boyfriend whom no one has met. She pleaded not guilty to DUI and will appear in court on Monday.

Some people just don’t listen. The people who live above me, for instance, were evicted, but they decided to contest the eviction in court. A judge said “no really, you’re evicted*, you have to leave,” but the people were just like “yeah, whatevs, we’re just going to chill for a little longer.” There are some people who are just never going to understand that they’re in the wrong and that they need to act accordingly. Amanda is apparently one of those people.

But hey, I wonder if Obama fired that cop yet? I’m sure it was super high on his list of things to do.

*Just in case you want to hear more about the drama happening around my apartment, they have three days to leave, but they called the landlord yesterday to let him know that no, they’re still not leaving. Come three days from now, it’s going to be like live action Cops right outside my window. Maybe I can liveblog the shootout on Tumblr or something.

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  • Fingers crossed for you, Emily, that they go quietly and that you get somebody normal that takes their place. Kind of instantly destroys your peace of mind when you don’t feel safe in your home, I’ve had a similar psycho neighbour episode, so good luck!

  • People talk tough leading up to eviction, but pipe down amazingly quick when the sheriff or marshal who handles evictions calls their bluff and proceeds with the eviction and / or arrests them when they don’t take their one chance to get out of the way.

    You’ll be able to tell by whether they move their furniture out or not before the eviction date and time if it will be a “fun” eviction.

  • Maybe Rik Mayall is Amanda’s boyfriend, so she’s the only one who can see him and he was driving the car.

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