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Stars Without Makeup: Kelly Osbourne Takes It All Off

photo of kelly osbourne pictures no makeup photos
I don’t know what I expected, but I can definitely say it wasn’t this. I’m pleasantly surprised, because for as many drugs and as much alcohol that Kelly Osbourne‘s ingested over the years, you’d think that she’d look more like her dad, Ozzy, than like her mother, Sharon, but she looks … well, she looks cute. She looks like a happy little girl, and not a twenty-seven year-old woman who’s been through engagements and celebrity feuds and a trunk’s-worth of cocaine and vodka. All things considered, not so bad, right?

How do you guys feel about Kelly’s face?

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  • When I started watching Fashion Police, I went from: “Who is Kelly Osbourne?” to “Oh my goodness I love this woman.” She MIGHT be my favorite of the Fashion Police minions. Possibly because I find her more relatable? She reminds me of my Asheville friends, if that means anything to anyone.

    I am not surprised that she still looks super lovely without her makeup. I mean, in some much older pictures of her, she kind of looks like Ursula from The Little Mermaid. And while Ursula is one of my top three all-time favorite Disney characters, her look isn’t really what you want to emulate. But that was then.

  • I voted ‘great’ because she looks the same with makeup. Don’t see that a lot in HW. Gotta give her credit for that, but in generally don’t find her pretty at all.

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