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Michelle Williams Talks Emotional Puberty in Flare Magazine

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Michelle just did an interview with Canada’s Flare magazine, where she talked about relationships, dating, not sex with Jason Segel, not Heath Ledger’s death, not a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ reunion, and not really anything of much importance aside from that movie she’s doing, ‘Take This Waltz’. Here’s Michelle on why she’s not talking about Jason Segel, Heath Ledger, or anything of much importance.

On keeping her personal life private:
“I need to keep my life very separate. I live and love and make decisions from a very comfortable and removed place. That’s how it works for me.”

On relationships:
“You deserve more than somebody who’s nice to you. I think that so often these days, niceness seems like it should be enough because it seems like such a rare quality, but when you get inside of it, you think, ‘Hmm.. I can be pretty nice to myself. What about these other things?’ Life is too short and too crappy to not try to get more of what you want.”

On her new movie:
“I thought about [Take This Waltz] as a coming of age story. Not in the pubescent way, but a girl on the verge of becoming a woman, that transition that you make in your late 20s or early 30s. She’s yet to experience a great kind of sadness. And I think that’s the thing that kind of plants her into adulthood.”

Well if that isn’t the blandest excerpt I’ve ever heard, then I don’t quite know what is. But hey. I guess not every interview can be a tear-jerking, emotionally-draining, uplifting-learn-this-lesson-the-hard-way kind of interview that most people prefer to read. Some just have to be generic, and that’s really all there is to it.

Also, ‘Take This Waltz’, if you don’t remember, is the movie where Michelle, Sarah Silverman, and some other chick appeared fully-frontally nude in a shower scene. You can check out the obviously-NSFW photos here because NUDITY.

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  • I didn’t even read what you wrote (yet). I had to comment I have never seen her look more stunning! she has come a long way since Dawson’s Creek.

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