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Quotables: Malin Akerman Talks “Tonguiest” Tongue Kiss Ever

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“It was actually a kiss that – we know this is true love, we’re going to be together forever kind of moment. So he walks in and in the script it says, “It’s the tonguiest tongue kiss of all time. How do you – what are we going to do? He just goes, “You guys, go at it. Tom, if you’ve got to lick her eyeball, lick her eyeball. ‘I was, like? Oh, my God. It literally is for me a cringing moment. I saw it, I was like, I can’t watch … To be able to do a duet with Tom Cruise and then to undress him and pretend to make love to him on an air hockey table? It was one of the most unbelievable scenes of my life. It was so much fun.”

Malin Akerman on—urk, urk—having to open-mouth kiss and tongue-wrestle Tom Cruise and his gigantic teeth. Or just his gigantic teeth. I’m not sure what she has to visualize in order to not puke in this guy’s mouth, but I’m sure it’s something completely sublime, and nothing at all like gingivitis, what’s *really* under the caps on teeth, or general abundant craziness.

I guess all I really have to say about this stuff would be this:

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