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Jewel Got Her Teeth Fixed to Play June Carter

photo of jewel teeth fixed as june carter pictures photos
Oh guys. I just don’t even know about this. It’s like we’re not even looking at Jewel anymore!

First, did you guys know that she’s been tapped to play a big-screen version (oh, right; another version) of June Carter and Johnny Cash’s life together? Yeah, I realize that it’s already been done, but apparently Jewel and Lifetime’s production company (the company that’s putting the movie out) didn’t get the memo. Or hear that Joaquin Phoenix is The Ultimate Johnny Cash (aside from, of course, Johnny Cash himself)? I guess not. But yeah, the movie’s called ‘Ring of Fire’, and it’s going to be on the Lifetime channel. Get some.

At any rate, here are a few photos of Jewel as June Carter, and some dude as Johnny Cash, on set of the new movie.

It’s like, God. Did they just up and say, “Hey, is there a female singer who’s not doing much of anything important these days that’s looking to get a total facial makeover and sing like June Carter?” and then someone said, “Well, you know, Jewel’s had that messed-up grill* for the longest time, so why not her?”

*Their words, not mine, guys.