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Sheryl Crow Has a Brain Tumor

photo of sheryl crow brain tumor pictures
From the Las Vegas Review Journal:

“I worried about my memory so much that I went and got an MRI. And I found out I have a brain tumor. And I was, like, ‘See? I knew there was something wrong.’?”

I didn’t know whether Sheryl was joking or not because we had just been laughing about how she recently forgot some lyrics on stage. But she wasn’t kidding.

“I haven’t really talked about it,” she said. “In November, I found out I have a brain tumor. But it’s benign, so I don’t have to worry about it. But it gives me a fit.”

A month ago, Sheryl forgot part of “Soak Up the Sun” on stage in Florida. She told fans, “I’m 50, what can I say? My brain’s gone to (expletive).”

“Oh gosh,” she told me. “I will tell you a funny story. I have a history of forgetting my lyrics.”

At the Hard Rock Hotel in the 1990s, she forgot the intro to “A Change Would Do You Good.”

“Not only could I not remember the first line, I couldn’t remember the first line to any of the verses,” Sheryl said.

“I started laughing so hard! And I looked over at my guitar player, and he’s bent over like he’s gonna just start peeing.”

Wow. So, a brain tumor, huh? That’s … well, that sucks. I mean, yeah, it’s not cancerous or anything, but still. It can push on things and create not-so-good things to occur, right? My mom had a cancerous brain tumor a while back (she’s been in remission a little over ten years, now, I believe), and for the first few months that she had it, there were no signs. Then she started passing out everywhere and couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t even like she blacked out or fainted or anything, she’d just fall asleep. Literally anywhere. Grocery stores, gas stations. It didn’t matter. If she sat still for five or ten minutes, she’d go out. We’d joke that she had narcolepsy or something but it was no joke when we found out that she had a brain tumor the size of your average doorknob pressing up against her occipital lobe.

She’s totally OK now, all credit due to good medical care, but yikes. What a scary thing to endure. I’m sure Sheryl wasn’t nearly as cool about it as she comes off, but I’m real glad that she’s going to be alright.

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  • I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor almost a year ago. Recovering from the surgery to remove it felt over a thousand times worse than any of the symptoms I’d had up until that point, but now I’m glad it’s gone. Mine was pressing against both the cerebellum and the brain stem, and started putting pressure on my occipital lobe like Sarah’s mom. Scary stuff. Hopefully Sheryl lets the docs take it out before it becomes too problematic. I’m sure she’d rock a shaved head like I tried to do.

  • Look, Sarah, I’m glad your mom is ok, but this is a CELEB GOSSIP SITE. Not a Very Special Lifetime blog. Lighten the fuck up, ok, and entertain us.

    • It’s also a report about brain tumours, and she’s adding something germane – personal, but germane. So PeabodyHulk, just go away. Disappear. Pooooof.

    • You’re my kind of guy, John! Anyway, she sounds so blase about her BRAIN TUMOR!!!! God Almighty, if I had anything in my brain; cancer, benign, in-grown hair, etc I would have that bitch taken out so fast!!! I would tell the doctor,”Drill, baby drill! No, you don’t have to wait to shave my hair, just make a real big part in it and here’s the deed to my house.