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Amber Portwood Is Going to Prison for Five Years

A photo of Amber Portwood

When we last checked in on Amber Portwood, Teen Mom and ne’er-do-well, the news was that she was probably going to jail for two years. But that was way back in December, and a lot of things have happened since then, so we’re going to have to do a little bit of catching up before we get to this latest news, ok?

Back in January, Amber was sentenced to five years in prison for drug charges, but she was able to make a deal that would allow her to avoid prison altogether if she completed a rehabilitation program. Part of the deal was that Amber had to live in a halfway house for up to three years and get a job – so no Teen Mom for her. But the halfway house she was set to go to decided that they didn’t want her around, so she got one of Lindsay‘s classic ankle bracelets. A couple of weeks after that, Amber – surprise! – failed a drug test when she refused to produce a sample. She didn’t have to go back to jail, but she had to write a 500 word essay on her “responsibilities as a drug court participant,” because apparently the court system in Indiana is a lot like middle school.

A couple of months passed by uneventfully, but in May, she had to go back to jail after she missed a court appointment. Amber’s excuse? She had gallbladder surgery, and her doctor told her that she needed to stay in bed for three weeks, so she couldn’t make it. Everyone called “bullshit” on that one, then they called her doctor, who explained that while she did actually have the surgery, she was totally able to make it to court. But she was released from jail once again, and went back to the terms of the rehabilitation program.

But then – here’s where it gets good – Amber got sick of the rehab and requested to be sent to prison. She told the judge that she’ll always be a “bad girl,” and that she’d been doing drugs throughout the program.

And that brings us to today:

“Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood has been sentenced to five long years in the big house … again — after asking an Indiana judge to reimpose her sentence, stemming from a December drug arrest.

Portwood was in court this morning when the judge reimposed the sentence. Her attorney asked for leniency, but the judge was unmoved … insisting he had no choice but to enforce the terms of Amber’s plea agreement.

Portwood’s five-year prison sentence was previously stayed on the condition she complete a drug rehabilitation program — but as we first reported, Portwood gave up on the program … and asked to go to prison instead.

The judge said he would refer Amber to the Indiana Department of Corrections therapeutic community program — an incarceration-based treatment program.

Portwood will be given credit for time served in jail.

And that’s the long, sordid tale about Amber Portwood, and how she’s going to spend the next few years.

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  • This totally makes sense. Prison is MUCH easier than rehab. I would much rather go to prison, lose my access to the drugs I obviously cannot live without, lose my access to my child, and live in an 8/8 room during the years of my life that most girls go to college. This seems like a smart, mature decision for a mother to make.

  • Damn. Prison huh? I’m actually very surprised. While she is by no means a “celebrity”, she’s definitely infamous and has her own form of notoriety thanks to the human succubi (that’s the plural of succubus, right?) at MTV. That alone is usually cause enough for some judge to give her a slap on the wrist. Way to go for the federal penitentary!

    But seriously, drug court is no joke. It has a pretty high success rate for those who actually stick it out…but I’ve heard it’s definitely no walk in the park. I feel bad for this little girl’s little girl. She’s two for two when it comes to crap-tastic parents. Let’s hope the little one doesn’t follow in her parents trashy footsteps.

  • Why would she just throw her live away! she cant do rehab but thinks she can go to prison seriously wake up , be a real mom and step up if u are given chance after chance and keep screwing up u deserve prison!

  • Amber Portwood should have never been allowed to be on the the tv show teen mom,she has never been a mom and defintly hasnt been a role model for young viewers that watch the show! Prison isnt easy and certainly cant be better than Rehab,wrong choice Amber when your given chances you dont pick the worst choice.You need to grow up!