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Guess the Celebrity*

photo of dina lohan no makeup lindsay's roof pictures
*So, this woman is positively in no way a celebrity, though she thinks she is. I mean, I guess she’s a “celebrity” in a manner of speaking, much like Snooki is a “celebrity,” but I felt the compulsion to make the point that the asterisk denotes sarcasm or, at the very least, an antonym of sorts.

Anyway, this lady was photographed sans makeup on the rooftop of her daughter‘s apartment building, and I’ve got to say—this is one nasty woman. I don’t care how many reality shows you’re offered by people who don’t even want you to be a key player on the show—you’re sad and you need to quit riding the dirty, methed-out coattails of your more “talented” relatives, OK? Damn.

Jump in to find out who it is, if you haven’t already figured it out!

photo of dina lohan pictures
Oh my gosh, yes, it is Dina Lohan. Isn’t that awful?

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