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Neil Patrick Harris Knew He Was Gay at Age 6

God do I love this man. I seriously, legitimately, wholly love this man. It’s like he can do no wrong, and I’m not even talking about being so self-attuned that he was able to tell that he was attracted to men at the age of six, I mean the fact that he’s just so damn neat and sweet.

In a recent interview with Oprah, NPH and his boyfriend/husband (are they married now? I’m so not in the know about this for whatever reason) sat down and talked about their sexuality, and Neil dropped a big bomb on the audience—he dated women and referred to it in a blanket statement as “good times.” Neil claims that even though he knew for a long time, he still attempted the dating-a-woman scene, and while he enjoyed it—and the women—he claimed that it never completely clicked in the way it should for him.

I don’t know, guys. I might be wrong, but even though he’s totally not into women anymore, I’d still probably sleep with him. Hell, f-ck “I don’t know.” I’m damn sure I would. Wouldn’t you? One way or the other?

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