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Justin Bieber Could Go to Jail for Six Months

A photo of Justin Bieber

It’s true. Justin Bieber, menace to society, could possibly be facing six months in jail. Of course, since all of us here are Lohanologists, we know that it won’t happen. Most celebrities who deserve jail will never see it, and if they do, it’s only for a couple of minutes. They’re far too precious for the cold, hard prison life. Besides, could you imagine Justin Bieber in prison? Yikes.

But the story is that the case of Justin beating up a photographer is going to be referred to prosecutors. Based on the knowledge I’ve gained from Law and Order: SVU, I can assure you that that means that things are getting serious.

From TMZ:

Justin Bieber ‘s brawl with a photog over the weekend isn’t going to just disappear … TMZ has learned the case WILL be referred to the L.A. County D.A. for possible criminal prosecution.

We’re told cops have already decided to refer the case to prosecutors, even though the investigation is far from complete.  They have requested to interview the Biebs, but he’s in Norway now.  It’s pretty typical for police to refer high-profile cases to prosecutors.

TMZ broke the story … Bieber’s a suspect for allegedly committing criminal batteryagainst a photog in Calabasas Sunday afternoon. The photog called 911 after the scuffle, but by the time cops arrived, the singer had split.

The pap was taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance. He then filed a police report naming Bieber as the culprit.

If Bieber is charged and convicted, he’d face 6 months in jail.  But the photog faces an even worse fate — having to tell people Justin Bieber kicked his ass.

Even though we know how this will end up – no jail time, probably no conviction at all – this is interesting, isn’t it? Here’s what I think happened: Justin definitely threw some punches or some high kicks or something. There’s no other way to explain how he lost his shoes and his hat, or that raging look in his eyes. And obviously the photographer knew who he was dealing with, so I think he exaggerated his injuries in an attempt to get some of that Bieber money. That’s not far-fetched at all, is it? But then again, that theory means that the photographer was totally cool with pretending to be knocked out by Justin Bieber, and would that kind of humiliation be worth whatever money he could possibly get?

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  • Bit late in posting, but I kind of felt I had to :)

    Two things:
    I’m by no means a good speller, but shit, the spelling and grammar on most of these posts is appalling!
    Sure, some of you have the excuse that English is not your first language but as for the rest of you, hang your collective heads in shame! Some posts are so incoherent you’d have got better results by mashing the keyboard with your foreheads.

    Second, I was going to make a cruel joke about Bieber getting his anal cherry popped in prison, but then I remembered he hangs around with Usher.

    • I have no love for Boy Bieber… but in everything I have seen of him, he is extremely gracious and respectful, to the point where it’s almost annoying.

  • Hey i dont blame him i would have knocked the HELL out of the person that pisses me off .Some times paparazzi take pictures that you didnt even know about.BY the way Justin Bieber and me have the same initials .Juliana B. Justin B. J.B J.B .I love him . Not enough to go CRAZY.Like his songs. Many people say bad things about him but they dont even know him so SHUT THE fuck up and get to know better before you open your mouth and start talking smack about him.Even though if he made a mistake its okay HUMANS make mistakes , also everything in the internet is not true . So he probably wont go to jail.

  • Personally, I don’t think he’ll end up going to jail. Even if he does, he’s got the money to get bailed out. He’d be there for an hour at the most and someone would be there to save his pretty boy butt. And saying this, yes, I am a fan of him. I have been from the beginning. A lot of celebrities get in trouble for something this like and rarely does it actually hurt them in the end. I’m not too worried about him or his career. If anything, he’ll get more publicity from this and people who thought he was a wimpy, little kid might actually start liking him. I understand why he did it. Do I think it was smart or would I have actually hit the pap? No, probably not, but I see why he did. His privacy is always being taken away. Isn’t that expected as a celebrity though? Yes, it is. There is a limit though. Sometimes the paps just go too far. I’m assuming that’s what happened here, and I don’t think he’ll end up getting any bad repercussions from this.

    • If it friday a weekend in PC which means he wouldn’t even see a inmates. I thought their was a cell block that had ex-police officer who did bad thing like taking bribes and stuff like that. I know in iowa their is. Their also a place called fort des moines were you can work but you have to be sign out by someone from your buniess or your family. You have a little bit more freedom their. their alway moving inmates around.

      • you do notice you are defending someone who does not or will ever know you ?? also, i bet he would not give two shits about you going to jail so why defend him? i hate justin beiber too by the way

      • only people that like just bieber are fags and lesbions..he aint talented there are far better waiting to replace his lame ass little girl..he will be replaced and yesterdays news one day..grow up and face it

  • Justin Bieber beaten up that photographer because he was being mean to Selena Gomez, he wouldn’t do it for no reason!!

  • bieber has always had ass—-perations and will finally land one of his top roles in prison. getting to be a big girl in the big bad ass domitory for toothless waywards. As aunt bee says: Oh Andy! you didnt even taste that apple pie before giving it to opie! but aunt bee, pa always does the tasting like a government employee kissing up to a

  • dirty sanchez o n the mound at wrigley field. moooooooooooooooo says the crowd…moooo please to the fattie teachers that need tax payers money. and remember those that can……………….those that cant……teach

  • Omg I want to go to jail to make love to her ,that’s what she needs ,were’s Sandusky, he would make a great roomie for her hahahah shower anyone ???

  • i don’t think he should have to go jail for pushing that men
    he not been in face taking pix of selena gomze and justin b should

    • I have no idea what you just commented. why dont you try actually speaking english. what does “hes not been in face taking pix of selena gomze” mean?

  • I just wish he would wear his pants on his ass instead of under it. It is prison fashion. He has never been in prison, and he may never be. But for Goodness sakes pull your pants up. You’re not cool, you’re Canadian.

  • i personally agree with julianna, and those who say that justin deserves to go to jail SHUT THE FUCK UP, i would say if someone makes you angry YOU HAVE TO BEAT THE FUCKING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF HIM/HER and besides it feels great to do so

  • I’m writing from prison and I know JB is gonna be here soon to give us all a BJ. By the time we finish with him, you’ll be able to park a 747 and three 18 wheelers in his colon.

  • justin needs to chill i meani love him but are u for reall he thinks he soo so o cool and ha wants to be a bad boy no one likes it

  • justin bieber is fit and sexy but i also like cameron boyce if u don’t know who he is then search his name he’s sooooooo hot

  • Wow I can’t beileive he almost went to jail well actually I’m not shocked because a lot celebrities r crazy at the age of 18 to 20

  • Hey, give the boy a break! Do you really think his life’s easy!? We all do bad things, and you know what…? Life moves on. Get over it! He had every frickin right be hit that guy! Like for goodness sakes, just give Justin some space! And those of you saying you’d suck his dink and all that shit, just shut up and go get a life!

  • Um, why are celebrities legally allowed to speed to get away from the paparazzi? The situation isn’t dangerous until the celebrity MAKES it that way by speeding. STFU and smile for the camera. Your overrated ego should be so lucky. Bieber’d be laid out in a hospital if that were my camera.

  • Ok,Everyone who’s asking is he really going to jail….the answer is NO! I read another thing about this and the phographer didnt even get any footage! The photographer should be facing jail for making false alligations! And if he did,He had every right to hit him! Put yourself in justins position,You have paparazzi and photographers following you the whole time! Give the boy a break! YOU REPORTERS WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR A STORY!!!!!!!!!!!! So can you please…………..STFU AND GET A LIFE

  • idk what yall are saying justin bieber is NOT in jail they got what they asked 4 so HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH and YA justin 4 punching him in the camrea that had 2 hurt

  • If I share a cell with justin I would have him suck my cock and i would used him in the butt. we would take turn one month he would fuck me I would fuck him. the next month. it will make us both happen But I would want to be th first one to breaks his @ss cherry. his lips will make my penis happy. I would make sure he sollow my cum and I sollow his cum to. Then he will have protection from the big black boys.

  • Bieber is not going to jail because overlooking everything and doing my research. I have found out that after 3 weeks of the incident. Its not possible. It has been 2 months since then. The chances of him going to jail is like 1 in a million. So i highly doubt that he will be sentanced to jail. Have a wonderful day Beliebers. TEAM BIEBER <3

  • My Jail friend doesn’t think he would go to Jail and if he did it what they would call cell block A in iowa were all the ex-cops go when they do something againist the laws. he said he wouldn’t be in the block that has killer muder or rapist. He would love him to come to his block for as some of you said to take his butt. He know it won’t happen he also think he would be bail out in two minute and wouldn’t spend a day in Jail or prison. It depends on how you want to call it.

  • every one that thinks justin that should got to jail is crazy i love you justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Ok i get some people hate and like justin but I think justin desrives it go to jail after all the bad stuff he’s done and for all his fans this is a good thing he’s going to jail because now his fans won’t do what job did

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