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Quotables: Will Smith Fawns Over Jada Pinkett-Smith

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“We make the effort to always put the family first. Being there for each other and being present with our kids is the most important thing. I take being a parent very seriously. What’s helped us is being supportive, no matter what the situation is. I’m so lucky to have someone like Jada. She’s really an incredible woman, wife and mother. … She is just absolutely hardcore, like she absolutely is unfazed by the weight and the pressures of life. She is so calm and cool and easy in any situation. She can bear anything, and I just love that about her.”

That’s Will Smith talking about his love for his family and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and wow. Remember all of those pesky break-up rumors? Guess all that business isn’t happening now, huh? It really does look like things are A-OK on the homefront for these two, and why not. It’s not as if they’ve really got anywhere else to go, now, do they? I mean, ‘Men in Black III’ is sure to tank, so it’s not as if Will’s going to be highly-sought-after by really anyone (unless you want to talk about an ‘Independence Day II’, and even I’d see that), so Jada doesn’t really have to worry. And what with Jada’s “hardcore” attitude, I’m sure she’s all about keeping Will on his toes, even if he is a giant douchebag egomaniac. Everyone’s gotta love someone after all, right?

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  • I call B.S.
    They stayed together so he could promote MIB3.

    I bet they’ll be separated before 2012 is over.

  • I agree with Hawk! And usually when Hollywood couples try to prove to the world that they’re still together by fawning over each other to try to squash breakup rumors the end is usually near!

  • Why the negativity? They’re a great couple and clearly love and respect each other. Why people wish for others to divorce is beyond me.

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