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You Almost Saw The Fabled Miley Cyrus Nips Again

A photo of Miley Cyrus

We were SO CLOSE to seeing Miley Cyrus‘ nipples. So. Close. It’s going to happen one day, it really is. She’s going to be wearing something ridiculous like, I don’t know, an Iron Maiden t-shirt with the sleeves cut out or some other shirt designed specifically to reveal your boobs in public, and boom, it’s just going to happen. Maybe it’ll be today. Maybe it’ll be tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be a year from now. But you can’t consistently create this much buzz about almost flashing the world without actually flashing the world one day. I firmly believe that.

But really, look at that shirt. She’s got to be trying, right?

In other Miley Cyrus news, the girl, as you know, appeared on The Conversation, and she talked about sex and being sexy:

On sex in the music industry: “[It used to be] if you’re a woman you do not sing about sex, and now, if that’s not what you’re singing about, if that’s not your entire image, you won’t get played. The last season of [‘Hannah Montana’] I put out ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ – which, even just the title of that, for a woman to say that she can’t be tamed, and of all people in the world, my face saying I can’t be tamed, when that’s all people really wanted to do – that I think proves how sexist people still really are and judgmental,” she said. “It’s the whole thing of saying ‘be sexy, but our way.”

On talking to your kids about the magic of sex: “The girls that really base how much they’re worth on the sexual favors they can do for somebody, that makes me really sad,” Cyrus said. “It’s the only way we create, and it’s the only way that the world keeps going. So it’s ignorant not to talk to your kids about it or [not] make it seem as magical or cool as it actually is. [Kids] have a TV, so they know what sex is,” she explained. “So educate them and let them know that they wouldn’t be here without it, and that it’s a beautiful thing, and it is magic, and it’s when you connect with somebody. And it isn’t how much you’re worth. Your worth isn’t based on that, your worth is based on how you feel about yourself.”

This happens all the time with Miley. She’ll say something that’s kind of deep and unexpected, and it will be interesting and you’ll think “well, maybe that Miley kid isn’t too bad.” And then she’ll do something that’s so obviously “look at me!” and you’ll think “well, maybe that Miley kid is that bad.” If she’s just doing her own thing, that’s great, and I’m happy for her. But there’s always this big feeling I get from her that she’s just desperate for attention.

Also, she’s not wearing shoes. I know that this a personal issue, but she’s not wearing shoes and she’s running on the street and she’s going to step on a needle and get hepatitis. Hepatitis.

Images courtesy of Limelight

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  • This little girl needs to put some clothes on. I dont want to See theittle bit she’s got.

  • I think that she’s just super gorgeous. I’m sure that her breasts are just lovely. And while she’s not always the wisest person, she’s a bright, talented, and incredibly accomplished young woman.

    My first thought when I saw that picture was: “Oh, she’s just being Miley.”

    • How so? Those look *exactly* as I would expect for them to look while she is in that pose during the course of that motion.

    • oh please don’t correct “boops” lol i thought that was hilarious and will now be saying “boops” instead of “boobs” lol

  • Welllll….if I were fucking Thor’s brother I’d probably be bragging about how magical it is, also.

    • Seriously! ^_^ Physically, she has had really great taste in guys. Justin Gaston, Liam Hemsworth. There were even pictures of her making out with The Most Beautiful Man In The World, Avan Jogia.

      Go her!