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Love It or Leave It: Ashlee Simpson is Out in Public Again

photo of ashlee simpson pictures blonde hair pic
So I’m not going to go ahead and say that I *like* Ashlee Simpson, because I pretty much think she’s a total tool in a matter of speaking (honestly, she’s an entire toolkit), but she is looking pretty good in these photos.

I’m also not going to go ahead and say that the nose job she got was the best thing she’s ever done for her face (because this haircut is probably the best thing she’s ever done for her face), but it’s definitely a close second. Not that there was anything particularly wrong with her face the way it was, but the nose job certainly does something a little more different than what she had to begin with. If, you know, you’re into that whole cookie-cutter everyone-looks-the-same look. You know?

Last, you want to know what would make her appearance even better? If she stopped making that stupid faux-“fierce” egg-suck face that she makes, because God. It’s completely atrocious.

How are we feeling about Ashlee Simpson these days? Can we forgive her for her past misgivings of lip-syncing and running out on her generally-endearing husband to pursue a punk-rock career? I mean, I can’t, but that’s not what we’re really talking about here. We’re talking about the look, and I guess I can say that it’s OK. I suppose.

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  • Can we also ask why anyone cares about this no-talent who is one step above Kim Kardashian in terms of vapidity?

  • Honestly? I like her chin the best. That’s something unique instead of the boring polished rest of her face. Perhaps it has something to do with me being European and not being into that whole “everyone looks the same”-look.

  • You know, I have never really been a big fan of her’s. I feel like she makes stupid faces for pictures and she just always looks retarded and she isn’t a very good singer/actress (not very good is an understatement) and I still can’t get over her drunken night of talking smack to the poor people of Burger King. However, that being said, I do think she looks good IN THIS PICTURE. But, she is a snot who thinks she is popular because of big sis. That’s just my thought on Miss Ashley Simpson.