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Guess the Celebrity: Muscle-Bound Edition

photo of matthew fox new movie pictures
Wow. Well, my first instinct when I saw this picture was “Oh! F-cking gross!” and then the initial repulsion melted away and morphed into confusion, and I then thought, “Who the hell is this?” But then I read the photo’s caption and it all came back to me. I was “Lost” for awhile, but like an alcoholic, emerging from the shadows of the foggy night before—only to find out that you’ve been charged with another DUI—it hit me. I knew who this weird-looking fool was.

The actor in question is playing a role in an upcoming movie called ‘Alex Cross’, where his character is a cage fighter. And also a killer. The movie stars Tyler Perry as Dr. Alex Cross, and a whole bunch of other folks who don’t have much else going on, save for this movie.

The film comes out later this year.

Jump in to find out!

photo of matthew fox pictures weight loss pics
Yeah. It’s Matthew Fox. This is what he’s been doing aside from all of those DUIs and arrests for assaulting women. Now he looks the part of a complete and utter f-cking douchenozzle. And how creepy, right?

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  • Oh my God! He’s like a creep(ier) version of Gollum. This look is very extreme and hard to look at.