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Love It or Leave It: Whatever Miley’s Doing Today

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I just don’t even know, you guys. Some people would say (not people as in me, because I personally prefer my ladies a bit on the curvy side) that Miley Cyrus has the “ideal” body, so you would think that she’d be doing creative, fun things with the clothes she adorns her body with, so this? I guess it’s really just unexplainable. It defies all reason. Why someone would go out in high-waisted white (!!) short-shorts and a black tube-top looking thing with … with … are they black mini-combat boots? is completely beyond me.

I’ve told you guys before that I’m no pillar of fashion—though I do intend to head out to the outlet stores a few miles away to do some serious shopping today to beef up my summer wardrobe WOO—but even I know bad fashion when I see it. And this, folks, is bad, bad fashion. These damn shorts look like the shorts I wore last night to ride the lawn tractor, and that wasn’t me making a fashion statement. It was me wearing the crappiest damn article of clothing I possibly own in order to use them and abuse them and finally have an excuse to get rid of them, crikey.

Also. Miley! Change your damn hair color. It’s doing freaking nothing for your skin tone, girl. That much I can speak with utter confidence upon. Go red, go blonde, but this waffling in between only makes you look like you dye your own. Badly.

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  • high wasted shorts are very in fashion right now. and you don’t have to be an expert to know that. also they are very flattering

    • Uh…”in fashion” and “looks good” are two completely different things.
      Those shorts make her look like one of those women you see at dive bars with the big hair and “Warrant” t-shirts who try to pick up old beadred men over bottles of Coors Light. Trash.

  • I’ve got the same body type as Miley (except she’s taller, damn her!) and I must admit I’ve spent a lot of time dabbling in the high-waisted clothes category and … I’m not hating it.
    I don’t get the boots, but it’s cute-ish in a Summer’s coming kind of way…
    I’ve ventured into less “look at me” kind of clothes (her outfit is kind of “showy” isn’t it?) but, as said, not hating it as such.

  • Does anyone else notice that she’s looking thinner and thinner? Geez, what this girl does for attention…

  • Her hair is extremely trendy. It’s called ombre. Drew Barrymore, Rachel Bilson, and Hilary Duff have all done it with varying degrees of success.

    Miley has been doing her version of grunge street fashion for awhile now. High waisted shorts and combat boots aren’t exactly news.

    She’s fame hungry, but at least she looks good.

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