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Stars Without Makeup: Guess Who?

photo of sofia vergara no makeup pictures photos
So I guess if you guys are really hardcore followers of this lovely—and newly single—lady, then you’ll probably recognize her off the bat. While I think she’s pretty hot, and she’s got an … um, let’s say ‘interesting’ personality, I had a hard time figuring out who it was when I first saw the picture. Here’s another, from a different angle:

photo of sofia vergara no makeup pictures
Any ideas yet? This lady looks so different without her customary face on that she’s almost unrecognizable (still beautiful, yes, but unrecognizable).

Hint? I’ll bet if you saw photos of her nipples, you’d guess her right away.

Jump in to find out who it is!

photo of sofia vergara pictures
If you guessed Sofia Vergara, you’re right. But then again, if you didn’t even make it this far because you were too busy ogling the Sofia Vergaranudes” I referenced earlier in the post, I can’t say I blame you either. What’s an impressive face sans makeup when there’s a really great rack around to check out?

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