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LeAnn Rimes Wants A Pet Pig

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

From People:

With their wedding vows recently renewed, LeAnn Rimes thinks she and her husband Eddie Cibrian are ready for another commitment – pig parenthood.

“Quote of the day…. ‘pigs are not stupid’ Trying to convince Eddie to get a mini pig. I want one,” the singer Tweeted on Monday.

While her husband may be opposed to the new pet, LeAnn got a little encouragement from a friend with experience.

“Here’s ours but [it] didn’t stay mini,” Tori Spelling Tweeted, with a photo of her pig Hank.

The sweet photo seemed to make the singer even more excited about mini-pig motherhood. “Adorable!!!!!” she wrote. “How much does he/she weigh?”

This, by the way, is Tori Spelling‘s pig:

A photo of Tori Spelling's pig

I don’t even know where to start, you guys. LeAnn Rimes is a piece of work, she truly is. Doesn’t she know that she already has a pet pig? His name is Eddie Cibrian. HEY-OH!

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  • Why does she need to ask Eddie if she can have a pig? Leann controls the money and bankaccount, not Eddie. Leann wanted that ring and angel necklace for her anniversary and she bought those things witout any input or financial support from Eddie, so why does she need Eddie’s permission to buy a pig? Is this an attempt to make us think that Eddie wears the pants in the house since people think that he is a weak man for always allowing Leann to control everything? Look what Leann wore on the red carpet for ACMs; since he let her walk out of the house looking like that he either doesn’t care what Leann does or he doesn’t communicate with Leann on those matters.

    Leann is so desperate for attention that she uses anything to get it. A pig? Does anyone think that Leann is once again taunting Brandi with the pig tweets, considering the “slut pig” reference on RHOBH? Leann taunted Brandi with her Halloween costume, with the pack of Winston cigarettes in her costume. If Eddie is so much in love with Leann, why does she spend so much time taunting Brandi? Leann makes it seem like Eddie still has feelings for Brandi.

  • Oh no, it was just confirmed that Britney is a judge for XFactor. You know what this means don’t you? Leann is going to be famewhoring like crazy, so expect 2-3 back to back staged photos of her, Eddie, and the boys the rest of the week and of course twitpic after twitpic of her and Eddie engaging in excessive pda or photos of the gifts she bought herself for Mother’s Day(because she believes that she gave birth to the kids) to convince people that even though Simon picked Britney as his first choice she “won” because she is Eddie’s first choice. They still haven’t annouced who the other judge will be or who will be taking Kelly R place, I sincerely hope that they don’t try to sneak Leann in any of those positions, not after all the famewhoring she has been doing lately.

  • So on the day that X Factor annouces that Demi and Britney are the new judges for their show, Leann lashes out by paying Radaronline to write yet another negative article about Brandi? So Leann thinks it’s Brandi’s fault that she didn’t get the gig on X Factor? Perhaps if Leann stopped the famewhoring and exploitation of Brandi and Eddie’s kids, people would like her enough to want her as a judge. It’s her own fault that she wasn’t selected as a judge.

    Leann is waging a mega media war against Brandi using ROL. Celebuzz, Guiliana, and Brandi’s own children, next up…sftert tweeting all day about Mother’s Day, Leann is gearing up to release a staged Mother’s Day lunch/dinner photo-op with Brandi’s kids, Eddie, and her in-laws.