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Love It or Leave It: January Jones’ … Dress?

A photo of January Jones

I guess technically it’s a dress, but it took me a while to come to that conclusion. For the first ten minutes I looked at it, the only name my brain could attach to it was “yards of gross fabric haphazardly wrapped around someone with the sole intention of causing me physical and mental pain.” And I know that’s a bit dramatic, but so is this dress. Dramatically awful.

Just to make this post into a compliment sandwich, January Jones here has been looking really good lately, hasn’t she? Not in terms of fashion, obviously, but in terms of everything else. She doesn’t look like Ke$ha anymore is what I’m saying. Oh, and, uh, I like her hair, too.

But maybe all that placenta has gone to her head, because this dress? It’s not working out.

Do you guys like it?

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