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“How Could Sushi Damage Charlie Sheen’s Reputation?”

A photo of Charlie Sheen

That’s the question of the day, isn’t it? How could sushi damage Charlie Sheen‘s reputation? The question was asked by Sam Zherka, a man who owns a strip club named Cheetahs, but let’s ponder it for a minute before we get into the story. Can you think of any reasons why sushi could hurt Charlie Sheen? Maybe because it’s so delicious that it … maybe because it’s wonderful enough to … I don’t even know, I just want some sushi now.

From The New York Post:

Charlie Sheen threatened to sue New York strip club Cheetahs for millions, claiming a VIP room named in his honor — where guests eat sushi off the bodies of scantily clad women — could damage his reputation.

Topless mecca Cheetahs set up a VIP room named after the warlock last year following his infamous tiger blood-fueled TV appearances. For $250 a head, guests could eat sushi off the body of the club’s goddesses in the privacy of the “Charlie Sheen Room,” which was plastered with grinning pictures of him.

But Sheen’s lawyers made sure Cheetahs would not be winning with that strategy. They slapped chiefs of the West 43rd Street “gentlemen’s club” with a cease-and-desist letter, demanding the room be immediately dismantled.

Sam Zherka, president of the parent company that owns Cheetahs, told Page Six it created the Charlie Sheen space a year ago because, “We figured it would be comical to name a room after him. It was a room where you could dine on sushi served on cellophane on the body of one of our entertainers, not where you do crack.

“Then we got notification from his lawyer to cease and desist, claiming the usage of his name would be detrimental to his persona. They said they would sue us for millions if we carried on.

“How could sushi damage Charlie Sheen’s reputation?” Zherka mused. “We thought dedicating a room to dine in his honor would help repair and elevate his image. He should have called us up and thanked us.

“We have now removed his name, he wasn’t doing big business for us anyway. We had a little ritual and threw his image in garbage — a celebration of Charlie Sheen being dumped.”

Sheen’s lawyer, Marty Singer, said: “We sent a cease-and-desist letter and they complied. This matter has nothing to do with Sheen’s reputation. You can’t use any celebrity name to promote a business without permission. They had no right to use his name.”

This brings up so many questions. Why sushi? Is there some sort of connection between Charlie Sheen and sushi that I’ve never heard of? Why would you even think of sushi as something to eat off a stripper? Do you use chopsticks, or do you just open your mouth and go for it? Wouldn’t that be too messy? Would the woman have wasabi nipples? And, most importantly, after all the crazy shit that Charlie Sheen has done, does anyone really think this is what’s going to end his career?

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